Product Hunt Releases An App For Mac

How to delete an app for mac

Laser-kitten A Product Hunt app for the Mac - Why? I wanted to build an Electron App with ReactJS. I really like Product Hunt, but I only saw menubar apps available in the App store and I wanted something I could have sitting on my second monitor at all times. Download Download the latest version Stack • Electron • ReactJS • RefluxJS • Twitter Bootstrap Development 1. Installation • Install the dev dependecies npm install • Install the applications dependecies cd app/ and run npm install • Run Gulp gulp build.

(Mac, Facebook, and Mac Menu Bar Apps) Read the opinion of 32 influencers. Discover 2 alternatives like Caprine and Franz 5 Current - The missing Facebook app for Mac. Slack was actually the first production app outside of Atom to use Electron (in fact, the very first internal releases of Slack for Windows were called 'atom.exe' because you couldn't rename the executable without breaking it).

Dt-8852 Digital Sound Level Meter These meters are designed for noise project; quality control; illness prevention and cure and all kinds of environmental sounds measurement. The CEM DT-8852 is an IEC 61672-1 class 2 compliant sound level meter with USB connectivity. See CEM DT-8852/Info for more details (such as lsusb -vvv output) about the device. Some random facts: The device only starts logging to USB when the SETUP key is pressed on the keypad. This also disables auto power-off mode. Cem dt8852 drivers for mac.

This will watch for any changes in the JSX or LESS files and recompile them. Run the app • Open up app.js and make sure DEBUG = true. • Run the app with the cmd electron. This should be run in the main dirctory.

Pull Requests ^ are welcome TODOs • Previous Post Day always says Today • If you aren't signed in and click on a users name it takes you to the login screen • Allow HTML in Comments and auto convert links to be clickable • Max media size • Add an about page • Default msg when no content is available • Load more. Everything with Infinite Scroll • Redo the CSS and HTML cause it sucks • Add a back button. This could potential use react routers history plugin • Switch to using Redux and Webpack like the cool kids License GNU General Public License v3.0 Copyright (c) 2016 Nate Smith.

Popular product discovery site is today updating its iOS app, adding new features to bring it in line with the Product Hunt web experience. The Product Hunt site itself was updated with a more visual look a few weeks ago, which is now coming to the Product Hunt app. Discogsgruppen Moving beyond tech, the app now offers an 'Explore All Categories' option that lets users see products that are trending in categories like books, games, and podcasts.

Product Hunt Releases An Apps For Mac

There's also a new 'Popular' feed that surfaces a range of content including products and collections, organizing it into an Instagram-style visual layout. Product Hunt for iOS is gaining Live chats, letting users view, subscribe to, and participate in the hosted on the site. Upcoming chats will be conducted with people like Quora co-founder Charlie Cheever and Braintree founder Bryan Johnson. It's now possible to listen to podcasts posted and upvoted by the Product Hunt community directly within the Product Hunt iOS app, thanks to a new built-in podcast player, and users can also follow and create curated collections of products, games, books, and more, directly within the app. The app's search tools are also being expanded with Apple Spotlight integration, and it offers support for 3D Touch with Home screen Quick Actions for searching, accessing live chats, viewing the popular feed, and more. For those unfamiliar with Product Hunt, it's a community-based website that lets people post and discuss new and interesting products.

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