Problem Opening Old Files With Ms Word For Mac

Old files with red tape
  1. Problem Open Old Files With Ms Word For Mac
  2. Old Files With Red Tape

Problem Open Old Files With Ms Word For Mac

Sparky Marky wrote: That's interesting. How do you do it? Are you using Lion? Do you have to open the files within Word (you can't double click on them)? And do you have to open the files within Word by using 'recover text from any file' option? I presume your old files have.doc ending, or have you changed this? Lg env 3 drivers for mac.

Old Files With Red Tape

Thanks for any guidance Yes using Lion on Mac and both Win 7 Pro and XP Pro on PC hardware. On PCs I have Office 2000 installed, yes even in Win 7 (and Win 8 Preview, Office 2000 installed without a problem). On Mac I have Office 2011 Mac, and all updates. As far as the files they are all in a folder called My Documents on both systems. I change/edit or create files on either system then I use a Sync program to sync the My Docs folder between all PCs and Mac. If I'n sitting at one of the PCs and need to open any doc I just open it, word opens and loads the file.

Same for if I'm sitting at the Mac. I have Word files that were created on Word 95 (or whatever that was called) Word 98 and now 2000 and Mac 2011. Figure 5 from a role for machine learning.

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Now, the problem of Microsoft Word not opening on Mac or Windows have become common to users. Word is used by the students as well as the corporate employees worldwide and they all should know how to fix this problem without losing the data they have gathered in Microsoft Word using on Mac. Normally, older Word files directly open in the latest version of Word. However, as with my very old AppleWorks files, these Word files apparently were too old for Word for Mac 2011 to handle. Open the old Word file via the Open-dialog within Word. /mac-hd-video-converter-hd-video-converter-for-mac/. Word will show a prompt informing you that a text converter has to be started and that this might impose a security risk which you should only do if you trust the source where you got the files from. In the support note linked above, Microsoft states that the 12.1.1 Update “fixes an issue that prevents Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac Service Pack 1 (SP1) from opening Word documents when you.

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