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/sci-fi-wallpaper-for-mac/. This article explains how to perform a backup to a My Cloud, WD Sentinel or My Book Live series drives by using the Backup and Restore tool on Windows 7, File History on Windows 8 and 10 and Time Machine on macOS.*END Important: The purpose of this article is to help users backup a computer using the tools provided by the computer's. Fsu's brynjarsdottir finalist for mac. For information on how to create a using WD SmartWare, please see.


The WD Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) allow for scheduled and automatic backups to be saved onto them. There are multiple options that can be used in order to one or more computers while using one of the network drives. This article will provide information on how to use the recommended ways backup a computer using a My Cloud or My Book Live Storage devices as a backup drive. Backup Method Instructions Windows 8 and 10 File History (instructions will appear below this table) Windows 7 Backup and Restore (instructions will appear below this table) macOS Time Machine ( Supported on My Cloud and My Book Live product lines) (instructions will appear below this table). Best games for mac.

As the first example, let’s see how to correctly back up a typical Mac Book with one internal physical storage device configured as Core Storage with HDM for Mac. Start the Backup Wizard by selecting Backup and Restore in the upper area, then clicking Create new Archive. Cloud Storage for the Office. Accessing data anytime, anywhere and from any connected device is fast becoming the standard in modern computing. With ReadyNAS and the ReadyCLOUD access platform, creating a safe and inexpensive private cloud for your business is now a reality.

Windows File History Tool Important: If this is the first time using a My Cloud device and need assistance setting up the unit, please visit. /flume-on-setapp-gorgeous-instagram-app-for-mac/. File History is a built-in, continuous backup tool of Windows 8 and Windows 10. Its basic function is to periodically back up the User’s Libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos) to another hard drive.

WD Network Attached Storage devices can be the targets of said backup. In order to use File History to backup the User's Libraries, please follow the instructions below: For more informaiton on how to use Windows File History please click on the link below. • Move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the desktop to make the Start icon to appear. Then, right click on the mouse. • Right-clicking on top of Start will display a list of options. From the list open Control Panel.

Online Storage And Backup

• On the Control Panel window, click on File History. • On the File History window, click on Select Drive, located on the left-side panel. • The available drives will be listed.

Icloud Storage And Backup

Click on Add network location to search for network drives to add to the list. • From the list of network drives, select the WDMYCLOUD and click on Select Folder. • The available shares within the network drive will be listed. Select a share to hold the File History backup and click Select Folder.

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