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Agj I started making a stash of handmade pompoms a while back. I didn't have a project in mind for them at the time, just thought they'd be fun to make (and they totally are!). It wasn't until later that I decided to make a holiday wreath and put them to good use. Here's what I did and how you can make your own! You'll need: • Yarn in various colors. I used super soft pale blue, bright pink with sparkles, and heather gray.

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I'm all about non-traditional holiday colors! Browser options for mac. •, or you can make your own with cardboard • Wreath form • Large needle • Metallic pipe cleaners • Small shiny beads (not shown) • Ribbon • Scissors First, make a ton of pompoms!

I've made mine using lots of different methods, from fork wrapping, to cardboard, and plastic pompom makers. I like the makers the best because I can get the fluffiest, fullest pompoms with them. And they're fun to use. I made all of the small blue ones with a piece of cardboard and that worked just fine, too. My finished wreath used around 60+ pompoms.

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Make them in a variety of sizes. Combine the yarn colors to make stripes and dots in the larger pompoms. I decided not to leave long tails on my pompoms after I tied them off in the center.

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I just trimmed those along with the rest of it during the trimming step - my favorite part! Once your pompom collection is ready, wrap the foam wreath form with the base color yarn. Don't worry if every spot isn't perfectly covered. Tie the yarn off in the back when you've wrapped the entire wreath.

Leave some yarn tails for tying later. Thread the needle with a length of about 10' of yarn. Thread the needle under a couple strands of yarn on the front of the wreath and tie a knot. Locating the center of one of your pompoms, thread the needle through the center and pull tight against the wreath. Thread the needle under two more strands of yarn close to your first knot to secure the pompom in place. Continue adding pompoms, mixing the colors and sizes.

Thread one on the needle, position it on the wreath, and secure it with a stitch. Keep going until it's full.

To add a little sparkle, just coil up each end of a metallic pipe cleaner. Make a u-shape with the center and simply nestle it into the space between the pompoms. No need to secure these with glue. The pompoms will hold them in place. I also added a few silver beads to up the shine. I secured these with hot glue.

Using a coordinating ribbon, tie a long loop for hanging to the long yarn tails on the back of the wreath. Add a bow to the top if you'd like. There you have it! A unique holiday wreath made with a few simple, inexpensive materials. Make your own in any colors you choose. Hp officejet 7110 all in one driver for mac.

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