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I searched a lot, and I am not finding any working example of Nexus and TSP. If somebody has experience, please share it with me! I am wondering how can I use my TSP 1.2.7 without any update to 'unlock' timecode functionality of the mixer. If somebody wants to know: no, I am still not using TSP 2, I will give you some time to work out the bugs, and then I will upgrade The reason I ask, is simple: I will play in a club next weekend, and they assured me that the Nexus mixer is ordered, and will be installed in time for my gig.

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So, any info appreciated, especially if there is something special in the way I must configure the system, or in case I must download something. And, yes, I will bring my Audio 8 (it is always in the bag, even when I take my Zero 4 with me ). Thanks, man, I know that (about complaining DJs) I saw a tread or two The main reason for me not to update is the lack of time to test it before I use it live. But, I am really looking forward to upgrade, because I am planing to start using the sample decks as a substitute of Ableton for my live band gigs, and that' s why I really need some quality time with the APC and Traktor 2 alone in the studio.

Import vtk for mac. How does it work?

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Itunes alternatives for mac. If that works, it will push my live performances even more, and I will be very happy if that works for me. Anyway, I will take my Audio 8 with me (as usual). Click to expand.i dont own these,or never tried them,but since the cdjs are midi capable/midi controllers too,same with the mixer.if you'd like to take advantage that thje cdjs are midi,then hook them up to usb so u can control other stuff/effects/whatever.if you hook them up to the mixer,then theres no midi (i assume,since theyre not directly connected to the laptop and giving midi signal.theyll just be cd players,of course with all the gadgets n gizmos it has). I personally havent tried your set u[,but have tried similar,and i prefer the decks connecting to mixer.depending on how many usb outlets your laptop has.dont wanna plug in 3+ more usb controllers into a single usb(or 2+ whatevr ur laptop has,if its got enough,then u can try).sometimes usb outlets dont carry enough power to power all ur usb controllers.powered usb hubs r alright.make sure u get a good one if u go that route.doubt youd like a power outtage on a usb outlet. Sorry if this all sounds like rubbish.or for getting off topic.

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