Pioneer Cdj 400 Drivers For Mac


Make sure that the Pioneer CDJ (CoreAudio) driver is selected in the Audio Device list. Note: You will notice other drivers in the list called Pioneer CDJ-400 / 900 / 2000 (CoreAudio). Those are the individual drivers of each CDJ and should not be used.

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Download Procedure > CDJ-400/CDJ-400-K Applicable Model CDJ-400/CDJ-400-K * If the firmware version is 1.33 or above, it is not necessary to update the firmware version. File Name/ File Size 1.15 MB (1,209,570 bytes) Please Click the Download button to download and save the file to your computer. * You need the extracting program on your computer for extracting ZIP file. Release Date Update Contents Ver.1.30 -> Ver.1.33 (1 June, 2011 Update) *Bug Fix - it wasn't possible to set CUE point in a top part of track, when playback the MP3 file. Ver.1.20 -> Ver.1.30 (2 September, 2011 Update) *The USB memory device detection time has been improved.

Pioneer Cdj 400

The time from which the USB memory device is inserted until tracks can be selected has been improved. *The reliability when a USB hub (USB 2.0-compatible) is inserted between the PC and CDJ-400 has been improved. Update if using your CDJ-400 connected to a PC application (Pioneer DJS, Serato Scratch LIVE, etc.). Ver.1.12 -> Ver.1.20 (31 March, 2008 Update) *During playback of MP3 loops some noise may have been heard. This problem has been resolved. Ver.1.00 -> Ver.1.12 (7 March, 2008 Update) *Added support for DJ Software Application *1 control. *If you wish to use the CDJ-400 in conjunction with DJ Software Application *1 please update your CDJ-400.

Pioneer Cdj 400 Asio Driver Mac

*1 For the customers using PIONEER's DJ software 'DJS' Update the DJS to Version 1.500 or later before using it with your CDJ-400. How to determine if your CDJ-400/CDJ-400-K requires the firmware update.

Turn ON the power to your CDJ-400/CDJ-400-K Press and hold the RELOOP/EXIT button for approx 10 seconds. • The units firmware version will then be displayed. Fallout for macbook pro.

• To exit, turn the power OFF and then back ON again. Extract the Firmware File Double-click the downloaded file 'CDJ400_VER133.exe'or' ' to extract the firmware file. • Specify a folder for the extracted files. If you don't specify a folder, the extracted files will be placed in the same folder as the downloaded file.

• If you click the OK Button. 'CDJ400_VER133.exe' is extracted.


After extraction, you will see a file as below; • After extraction, you will see a file as below; File name: CDJ400.HEX File size: 4.21MB (4,424,180 bytes) Preparations for updating firmware The CDJ-400/CDJ-400-K can be updated using USB memory or an update disc that has been created. An explanation follows detailing the procedures for creating a USB memory update or an update disc. ♦ To use USB memory for updating Copy the extracted firmware file which name is 'CDJ400.HEX' to the root directory of a USB memory device. * Be absolutely sure you do not change the name of the file. * A USB memory device formatted in FAT or FAT32 (a device belonging to the USB mass storage class) ♦ To use a disc for updating Create the update disc by burning the extracted firmware file to a CD-R or CD-RW disc. Please read the following precautions closely before burning the firmware files to a CD-R or CD-RW disc. • Burn the files to the disc following the proper procedure.

Pioneer Cdj 400 Driver For Mac

• The player will not recognize the update disc and the update cannot be performed if the files are not burned correctly to the disc. • Use a blank CD-R disc. • Use a completely erased CD-RW disc. Clicking either of the buttons below will open a window explaining how to create the update disc with the recommended authoring software. The file name and size are different by models. * Pioneer does not guarantee the actual CD-R/RW burning operation that occurs due to differences in displays or operations, caused by specification changes or version differences in the authoring software above, or other computer environmental conditions. Either consult your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer of your authoring software or computer for basic instructions on burning CD-R/RW discs.

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