Philips Pca 80sc 8x Scsi External Cdrom Drive For Mac


8x scsi cdrom drive pulled from apple computer system. Scsi 1 50 pin male to 1 db25 male external interface cable e146016. For mac iisi computer p/n 810-6030. For automatic identification and philips spd2413p scsi cdrom device driver, we strongly recommend to download and install the Driver Update Tool – it will help you to get the correct latest drivers for all of your devices and avoid conflicts and improper work of.

CD-Recordable FAQ - section 5 Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ - Section 5 Last-modified: 2010/01/09 Version: 2.73 Subject: [5] Hardware (2002/10/15) The numbers after the model name (e.g. 'CDR-102 (4x2/512K)') refer to the read and write speeds of the unit and the size of the write buffer. '4x2' would be a double-speed writer that's also a quad-speed reader. If it just says '?x2', the write speed is double-speed and the read speed isn't known (but presumably is at least 2x). Buffer sizes written with a '+', e.g. '2MB+', indicate that the buffer can be expanded further. If the recorder can write to CD-RW media, the specification will include a third value, e.g.

'6x4x2/1MB' would be a drive that reads at 6x, writes to CD-R media at 4x, and writes to CD-RW media at 2x. Some manufacturers present the speed ratings in a different order, often write/rewrite/read. Some drives that support reading of DVD-ROM will be written write/rewrite/read/dvd-read.

There is no standard approach. Many units are repackaged versions of other manufacturer's devices, sometimes with slight changes in the firmware.

Value-added retailers have been known to switch to a different manufacturer's drive without notice, so don't assume that everything here is accurate. The interface is listed for each drive. 'SCSI' means any form of SCSI (SCSI-2, SCSI-3, wide, narrow, ultra, etc). IDE means any ATAPI interface (e.g. USB (1.x or 2.x), parallel-port, FireWire, and PCMCIA refer to interface styles for external drives (which are usually just internal ATAPI devices placed inside an enclosure with a power supply and an ATAPI converter).

Many of the models listed have been discontinued in favor of newer models, and some of them have yet to be released, so you will probably not be able to find all of the models listed here for sale. If you're new to SCSI, take a look at the comp.periphs.scsi FAQ,. It covers both novice and advanced questions. If you want specs, try. A wealth of information on Enhanced IDE and other storage technologies is available from. If you want to debate the merits of SCSI vs EIDE, please read.

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Some brief notes: ATA (AT Attachment Interface) is the official name for IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) interfaces. ATAPI is the ATA Packet Interface, commonly used for controlling CD-ROM and tape devices. Foobar2000 download for mac. The ATA-2 changes grew out of vendor-specific 'Enhanced IDE' implementations. There have been subsequent enhancements (ATA-3, ATA/ATAPI-4, etc). Subject: [5-1] Which CD recorder should I buy? (2001/11/29) There are no absolutely perfect recorders, but some drives are better than others.

The best are listed below, and the risky propositions are identified with 'CAVEAT EMPTOR' warnings in the individual sections. In cases where a unit is built by company A and repackaged by company B, the warnings are listed with the original manufacturer (company A). Has links to reviews of storage devices, including CD recorders. Has reviews of both hardware and software products. This section used to list specific models that were highly regarded. The manufacturers are coming out with new models so quickly that it's impossible to keep up in an FAQ that is updated monthly.

The list of older models is below. See for a list of sites that carry news articles about newly released products. As of late 2001, the most commonly recommended manufacturers (in no particular order) were: • Plextor • Sony • Yamaha Many manufacturers resell the units made by these companies. In some cases the reseller will do nothing more than change the decal on the front, in others they may rewrite the firmware.


If you have specific needs, you should verify with the manufacturer that the drive will do what you want. All computer-based recorders can create audio CDs and CD-ROMs, but some have additional features and some are just plain better at it. If you want a drive that works well with a specific piece of software, e.g. CloneCD, then you should check the web page for that software to see which drives they recommend. Some older models that would be worth having are listed below. As of October 2001 this list is no longer being updated.

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