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Involuntary Head Movement

I just built a new computer with a WD Black (WD4004FZWX) as a storage drive, and when the drive is idle it is making a clicking sound every 5 seconds. In the past I've always gone with WD Blacks for their performance (e.g. I move my Steam games off my SSD and onto the HDD), and my last two builds (2013, 2010) have been fine with WD Blacks. I've read that WD sometimes makes their drives park their heads at set intervals as some kind of wear prevention strategy, but in an otherwise silent build, the click every 5 seconds is driving me crazy. Apparently on some WD Greens and Reds there is a wdidle3 utility that allows you to change the interval between the parks, but that doesn't work on this drive.

Has anyone else fixed/changed the interval on these drives? Assuming the clicking is the drive 'spins up, then clicks, then spins up again, clicks', repeatedly, and with a very audible click, then, I think you have an RMA issue. No, the clicking is only after the drive has spun up (and stays spun up); the disk isn't repeatedly spinning down/up. It passed both a quick and extended test on WD LifeGuard Diagnostics, so I don't think it's a failure. That click could be more than parking the heads. Parking the head should be quiet.

But what you want. Including WD Black hard drive.heatsink/fan. While the 4GB CMK16GX4M4B3000C15 “Advanced Tuning” page opens kit. Locking default. 32GB to manufacture. The top of the line is the Black 4TB, and you can probably guess how much storage it has. The capacity is spread across five 800GB.

WD Blacks are more on the noisy side in terms of head noise, so a loud heads don't really concern me. It happening precisely every 5 seconds when the disk isn't even being used is what is nuts. I've opened a support case with WD to see if there's anything that can be done. Otherwise, I might try and return it.

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Hopefully it's just something simple like Windows indexing the drive, reading all the files and making an index. I've turned that option off on my drives (Windows option) Having over 20 WD blacks in my server.

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Headache From Head Movement

Most of them are idle and in RAID etc. I haven't heard them doing as you suggest. I have 12 x 4TB WD blacks and 4 x 6TB WD blacks on my RAID card and connected to my MB I have 3 x 4TB blacks 2 x 2TB Blacks, A drive caddy so I can slide in a drive (For backup purposes) and a small 256GB Samsung 950 PRO M.2 SSD. So if there was an issue with a drive then I would hear it.

Periodic Noise From Head Movement Wd Black 6tb Canada

Thinking about it, Make sure the power cable to the drive is connected properly, Try another connector. Had that happen several years ago with a dodgy power splitter cable in the Server which showed similar symptoms as to what your describing. I had corsair link make one of my old samsung hard drives click every 5 or so seconds I hadn't noticed clicking, but I tried to run Star Wars Battlefront installed to a WD black drive the other night, performance was horrible. Rebooted, issue persisted.

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