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AppleCare is responsible for service and support of Apple products. As part of that support, AppleCare administers certification programs for technicians who service Apple products. This includes the Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) certification, Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) certification, and individual product qualifications. All of these programs enable technicians to qualify for positions at Apple-Authorized service facilities. • • OR • Apple offers technical training and certification options for IT and specialized professionals.

Certification increases visibility and credibility for technical competencies and differentiates individuals and companies in a competitive market.

Can anyone take the service certification exams? Anyone can take the exams to become an Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) 2018 or Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) 2018. To pass these exams, you need to have access to the training in. Successfully completing the exams doesn't mean that Apple has authorized you to perform repairs or to conduct business directly with Apple or on Apple's behalf. Free Apple certifies (validates the skills of) technicians with the certification exams. Apple authorizes (establishes business relationships with) service providers. These two things are not the same. How do I register for the exams?

Go to, then use your to register at an Apple Authorized Training Provider or online with Pearson VUE. After you've taken an Apple certification exam, you can track and manage all of your Apple certifications at the certifications website.

How do I prepare for the service certification exams? Apple provides self-paced training courses in ATLAS through Global Service Exchange (GSX). Instructor-led training is also an available option from, an Apple Authorized Global Training Provider.

Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and Self-Servicing Accounts (SSAs) can get the self-paced Service Training curriculum online for free. The public can get access to training. The Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-18A) has sections on ESD precautions and technician safety. You must pass these sections in order to pass the exam as a whole. If I don't pass an exam, how soon can I retake it?

You can retake an exam 24 hours after completing the last attempt. My business or school has a large installed base of Apple products. Can I sign up for a self-servicing program? Apple's Self-Servicing program allows its program participants to service and repair their own products at their site., or contact your Apple Sales representative.

How do I pay for the exams? When you register for the certification exams, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. I have other questions. Where can I get them answered?

You can send your questions to. What is ACiT 2018?

It's a program to become Apple-certified as an iOS technician. How is ACiT 2018 different from the previous ACiT 2017 certification? ACiT 2018 qualifies a technician to repair iOS products that were produced before April 2018. This includes: • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus • iPhone X What exams are required for ACiT 2018? To get ACiT 2018 certification, you need to pass the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-18A or SVC-17A) and the ACiT 2018 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-18A). Both of these exams are available from Pearson VUE.

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You can take the exams online from your own computer. Does it matter in what order I take the exams? Before you can register for the ACiT 2018 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-18A), you must pass the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-18A or SVC-17A).

How much does each exam cost? Current pricing is available from. Where do I find the training for these exams? Apple provides self-paced training courses in ATLAS learning management system. Instructor-led training is also available from, an Apple Authorized Global Training Provider. These training kits aren't available in all countries and regions. I'm already ACiT 2017 certified. Do I need to take the new ACiT 2018 exams?

If you're certified for the iOS products you need to repair, no new exams are required. Will separate iOS qualification exams be required for new iOS products? AppleCare will introduce new qualification courses in ATLAS as products are introduced. Completing these courses will be required to service any new products. I've completed the SVC-17A exam. How long will the iOS-17A exam be available? Do I need to take two new exams for ACiT certification?


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If you've completed the SVC-17A exam for ACiT 2017, the ACiT exam will be available until August 24, 2018. Until then, completion of SVC-17A and iOS-17A exams will still grant you ACiT 2017 certification, but it won't cover as many products.

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