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I am a little disenchanted with development on the Mac right now. I need a single IDE that can handle all of my development needs.

I did notice there are other questions on this topic already, but those did not cover my specific needs of: • Must support at least HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and PHP syntax highlighting, bonus if there are more language plug-ins available • Must support the ability to connect to FTP and SFTP • Must support handling of projects/sites • Must have some level of code completion, even if it is just at the variable level • Must support syntax formatting • Must be able to recognize and highlight ERB/TPL files as HTML Are there any suggestions for such an IDE out there? Women's tennis travels for mac. I actually think the idea of a single, unified, development environment like what you're after is somewhat antithetical to OS X design principles.

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One of the great things I've found, since switching to OS X for development work about a year ago, is that many OS X application developers share my own personal philosophy when it comes to software: do less, but do it really, really well. As such, my current development environment on OS X is less unified than it was on Windows or Linux, but far, far more stable, robust, and ultimately: productive. For coding I use. It seems almost trivially simple at first and then you discover bundles and it's built-in command line filtering and it takes off. It will handle the highlighting tasks you requested. It has projects, and while they seem kind of loose at first, you'll grow to appreciate it.

I have, though, been using textmate for Ruby and XCode for Objective C, so I get a variety of IDE goodness/badness in my day to day coding. None of them have managed to capture ideas in my brain and turn them into code yet. Great editor ★★★★★ Superb editor, defiantly up there with Sublime, Textmate etc. Very good for JS debugging and only a matter of time before more plugins appear. Well worth the money. Tom Dringer, UK @ MacUpdate ★★★★★ I've never seen a code editor for Mac packed with so many great features at such an early stage of development. Anyy recommendations on a IDE to use for the MAC? I currently use TextMate and its ok. Is tere a ay though for it to auto suggest tags? Would bring up puts etc. Ruby editor and IDE for macOS / Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux features such as syntax highlighting, the Ruby code builder, the Ruby code assistant, and the Ruby method list tool. RubyMine 2018.2 Crack License Server Activation code is an undeniable Ruby on Rails IDE that brings the entire scope of fundamental engineers apparatuses for beneficial Ruby advancement and Web improvement with Ruby on Rails.

And it does handle code completion, tag closing, tag matching -- the sort of stuff you'd expect -- it's just not obvious, but it's there in Bundles and waiting for you to customize it. Update: I've moved off TextMate and on to. The regular updates and the Python-based extensions were a major draw. It's been a year now and no regrets with that switch. I use for diffs. It's just an a beautiful diff tool. My git tool is and my Subversion tool is.

Osx Ruby Ide For Mac

Both awesome. For permanent, remote drive access via ssh I use to connect to the remote location and mount it as a drive on my Mac. This is a superior option to built-in ssh or ftp support in the IDE because all the programs on my Mac can now work with files on that share. I also use for it's awesome cost and excellent Amazon S3 support.

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I could even get away with just CyberDuck, no MacFUSE, if I had to. But I don't.:) Update: I've switched to as my primary means to interact with remote file systems.

It's got a nicer UI than CyberDuck and a few less 'quirks' to it. I'll still occasionally open up CyberDuck when I need to deliver a signed URL to an S3 object.

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A terminal app befitting OS X. It really is quite a fantastic terminal.

Ruby Ide For Mac

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Bookmarks make it easy to get to my AWS machines quickly. The UI is clean. All of those things replace the clunky IDE (Komodo Pro) I use to use on Linux and Windows (and never really liked, just tolerated). And I don't even know that they're not all 'unified' in one cluttered, modal window. For reference, I write a lot Python, some HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and Java. And the occasional bit of C and C++.

Update: There's more in my day to day coding now. My toolset integrated that relatively young language without so much as a hiccup. I find the open source the best! Atom is a text editor that's modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customise to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file. Full-featured, right out of the box Cross-platform editing Atom works across operating systems. You can use it on OS X, Windows, or Linux.

Built-in package manager Search for and install new packages or start creating your own—all from within Atom. Smart autocompletion Atom helps you write code faster with a smart, flexible autocomplete. File system browser Easily browse and open a single file, a whole project, or multiple projects in one window. Multiple panes Split your Atom interface into multiple panes to compare and edit code across files. Find and replace Find, preview, and replace text as you type in a file or across all your projects for most of the requirements You choose from thousands of open source packages that add new features and functionality to Atom—or build a package from scratch and publish it for everyone else to use • Code completion -> • Run Code -> Customisable Themes.

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