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The best thing about working on a MacBook or MacBook Pro is working on it, not working on the VMWare Fusion instance. The virtual machine should be a background process, whether it is a Linux, Windows XP Pro or Vista instance. You’ll find out how to do that here. You’ll be able to run SQL*Plus from the Mac OS command-line, SQL*Developer natively in Mac OS, and Oracle Enterprise Manager in Mac browser (of your choosing). Oddly, the few distracting Java errors that SQL*Developer raises on a PC don’t get raised on the Mac OS X. At present, Oracle databases don’t run natively on Mac OS X with an Intel processor.

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Lily Sql Client is a pure java client that supports jdbc databases such as Oracle, Mysql, DB2, and so on. It's written in java and runs on windows, linux and Mac OS. It's written in java and runs on windows, linux and Mac OS.

You can run Oracle Database 10gR1 on a G5 (PowerPC 970) processor (a detail I apparently missed in the ), but why do that? You can run Oracle Database 10gR2, Oracle Database 10g Express Edition, or Oracle Database 11g in a virtual machine on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro. Unless you require Java or User Defined Object Types (UDTs) inside your development instance, I’d recommend you install Oracle Database 10g Express Edition on a MacBook or MacBook Pro when you have 2GBs of memory or less. If you have 4GBs of memory, they all work fine. They actually do work on Vista but I’ve heard the new Vista license agreements may prohibit their use on Mac OS X in a VM. I’ve found Windows XP Pro x64 bit works best if you want to run Windows, and Red Hat 4.0 Advanced Server screams in the VM with enough memory. Enough introduction, here are the steps.

Subject to the Oracle Technology Network License Agreement for Oracle Instant Client software, licensees are authorized to use the version of Oracle Instant Client downloaded from this Oracle Technology Network webpage to provide third party training and instruction on the use of Oracle Instant Client. I need to install Oracle Database on Mac OS X. I recently developped a NodeJS application using MySQL and now, I need this one to be compatible with Oracle, this is why I need Oracle Database on my Mac OS X, I will developped the Oracle version of the application.

A word to the wise, read carefully!!! I’d recommend VMWare Fusion for the virtual server.

There were enough problems with Parallels that I simply ditched it. When you install VMWare, download the current release from the web (VMWare Fusion 2.0 is available as of 9/12/2008). After downloading, use your license during the installation. You can use the copy in the box, but I’ve never found one in the box to work (though I’ve only tried 4 of them). Install your operating system in the Virtual Machine (VM). Best free rss app for mac.

Oracle 10g Client Download


I’d recommend that you take the time to configure memory before hand because it runs a lot faster if you do. Skipping the one-click installation may save you time because I’ve found it still has some warts. You have two choices for configuring the network.

One is NAT and the other is a bridged network. The bridged network is the most like separate machines but it may not work in certain commercial settings. For example, if a router disallows calls from one machine to another in a subnet, you should use NAT.

Oracle Client Download

NAT means your native Mac OS acts as the gateway, and it ensures that your external router configurations won’t block communication between your Mac OS and the virtual machine instances. The down side for NAT is that you can’t communicate between servers without some additional work (hopefully, I’ll be able to add those steps after Oracle Open World). A quick screen shot of how you want to configure VMWare NAT network, you get there by clicking Virtual Machine, Network, Network Settings 2(b).

Oracle 10g Client Windows 7

A quick screen shot of how you want to configure VMWare bridged network, you get there by clicking Virtual Machine, Network, Network Settings 3. Once you’ve installed the operating system and patched it to the current level, you should name your machine before installing the Oracle Database. You should also configure your hosts file with the computer name, which is covered in the next step. You’ll regret it if you do forget it. All is not lost If you forget to edit your hosts file, you can rebuild the Enterprise Manager by following the.

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