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• Minimally intrusive • Free tool. No license cost, no hidden fees • SystemView PRO: Unlimited recording • RTOS task, resource, and API tracing • Interrupt tracing for bare metal systems without an RTOS • Continuous real-time recording and live analysis with J-Link and SEGGER RTT technology • Live analysis of captured data - view responses to stimuli in real time without stopping the target • embOS, embOS/IP, and FreeRTOS API call tracing as standard • Can be adapted to other RTOS using a fully documented API • Works on any CPU. • Real-time Streaming Trace (trace data is streamed to PC in real time, unlimited trace buffer) • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and GigaBit Ethernet Interfaces for Highest Bandwidth • Up to 150 MHz ETM Trace Clock (works with all currently supported devices) • Supports Tracing on Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M7 Targets • Supports Tracing on Cortex-A5/A7/A8/A9/A12/A15/A17 Targets • Supports Tracing on Cortex-R4/R5/R8 Targets • Full J-Link Functionality • Easy to use with Ozone and Embedded Studio • Cross-platform Support (Windows, Linux, Mac) • Free Software Updates. SEGGER created a firmware which runs on the Freescale OpenSDA platform, making it J-Link compatible. In order to make use of this firmware, the following Terms Of Use must be accepted: • The firmware is only to be used with Freescale target devices. Using it with other devices is prohibited and illegal. • The firmware is for use with evaluation boards only.

Mac freeware utilities. Then click Shut Down. If your Mac restarts to a setup assistant, but you're selling or giving it away, press Command-Q to quit the assistant without completing setup.

Opensda Mac


It is not for use with custom hardware. • The firmware may only be used for development and/or evaluation purposes. It may not be used for production purposes. • The firmware is made available without any warranty and without support. /absolute-software-for-mac/. If there is any doubt if a certain use may be considered within the foregoing scope it is strongly recommended to prior to use.

When starting a debug session, the following license dialog shows up which must be accepted in order to be able to work with OpenSDA. Drag-And-Drop is a an additional feature of the J-Link OpenSDA firmware which adds a very intuitive programming feature. It allows programming your target MCU in a very simple way.

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