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Second Dual Hard Drive SSD PCI-E Flex Cable 821-00010-A with Security TR6 Screwdriver for Mac Mini. The Fine Print. This product is imported from the USA. In order to enable Fusion Drive Technology on a Mac Mini (late 2014) we install a PCIe Express Flash SSD (we used actually one from a Mac Book Pro Retina 2014) on a commercial PCIe SSD port HDD. Computer tech Store has All Kinds of 1.5M 0.35KG UK 3 Prong Pure Copper AC Laptop Power Cord Adapter Cable Black,New Dual hard drive SSD flex cable for Mac mini A1347 821-1347-A 821-1501-A 2010-2013 YEAR with tooling,High Quality 1.5M 0.35KG UK Pure Cooper 3 prong AC Laptop Power Adapter Charger Cable Manufacturer and more On Sale, Find the.

This item: SEENIGHT® Dual Hard Drive HDD DISK SSD Flex Cable for Mac Mini A1347 Server 076-1412 922-9560 821 $9.99 Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Sold by Tebelaz and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Chinese font for mac. Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit iFixit Video. Mac Mini (late 2014) PCIe SSD & flex cable install for OS X Fusion Drive. The Ultimate Mac mini: How To Install A Solid State Drive.

MacMini SSD upgrade Kit This is an excellent product for a very fair price. It has everything you'ld need to upgrade your MacMini to SSD and still be able to retain your original hard drive as an internal storage device or partition it to run windows 7 with bootcamp. It does not come with instruction manual on how to upgrade but you can find that information online or youtube. I order 2 of these item just before Christmas. The only con I have is that somehow the second item came in little over a month. This could be because of the holiday season but that doesn't explain why the first item was received within 2 weeks and the orders were only 1 day apart. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New •.

Mac Forum question SATA I want to keep my original hard drive in the Mac Mini PLUS have the SSD for my main drive. Its very cool that there is no particular hardware order. Storejet 300 for mac. (I didnt know this at first and had completely taken my Mac Mini apart.) When you turn the MINI updside down to get in, then my original hard drive is on the bottom. But closed up and sitting on gthe desk like it should the hard drive is on the top.

My issue is I purchased a second SSD SATA cable. When I went to plug in the new SSD CABLE IT WANTED TO PLUG INTO THE EXACT SAME PORT AS THE ORIGINAL ONE. I FOUND OUT THERE ARE 2 CABLES but in discriptions I see people writing this cable is for TOP drive or bottom drive.

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Is that upside down or closed? Any clarification of which SATA cable I need would greatly be appreciated. Remember when the unit is closed, then the drive is on top. Another way of putting it is all I have to do to install the new drive now is to just slide the new drive in (studs attached). With the botom it will be on top of existing drive.

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