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Hi everybody! Today’s post is about installing an ODI 12c standalone agent.

The Oracle Data Integrator 11g/12c: Implementation Boot Camp course provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform a variety of ODI Administration, Data Integration and E-L-T (Extract, Load and Transformation) tasks using Data Integrator 11g for activities based on real-life work scenarios. Hi All,So,1). Database installation completed 11g.2). RCU utility ran and created Master and Work repos. Used default values. For SUPERVISOR passsord, i used SUNOPSIS.Now, doing an ODI 11g install, it fails when it tries to connect to Master repo using above password.Not sure whats going on.any ideas? Instant Client for Mac OS X Oracle JDeveloper 11g Oracle SQL Developer Oracle JDBC Drivers for Mac OS X E-mail this page Printer View. US Sales: +1.800. ODI Studio 11g can be installed on Mac OS X by downloading the Oracle Data Integrator Companion. I'm not sure it's the most reliable way to use ODI though. I'm not sure it's the most reliable way to use ODI though. Hi, I'm running ODI 11g on OS X (v 10.7). In a nutshell, I installed ODI on a Linux server, then copied the ODI dir to my Mac. I had to make a few changes.

This is not a “new” topic and the steps to perform it can also be found at the Oracle site, however it got me a little bit “off guard” when I was requested to install one and the reason is that it changed considerably comparing to ODI11g (and yeah, we still work A LOT with ODI11g, so installing ODI12c agent was “new” for us). Prior to ODI 12 version, the ODI agent was configured by simply editing a file called odiparams.bat (odiparams.sh in Linux), which would contain all the necessary agent configuration parameters. It was a simple step, where you would enter the ODI master/work configuration, DB/ODI connection users and so on. After that, you would simply run the agent program and that was it, very short and easy to do.

Oracle 11g For Mac

However, in ODI 12 version, it changed considerably and now we need to go through two wizard setups, one for creating the necessary pre-requisite DB schema for ”Common Infrastructure Services” and the other one to configure the ODI Standalone agent for us. Fifa mac download. This change added some extra complexity to an architecture that was (talking exclusively about ODI Standalone Agent here) very simple to setup in the old days. Although Oracle provides wizards for us to minimize this effort, nothing was easier than simply configuring a parameter file and running a java program. But enough grumbling, let’s see how we may accomplish this task on ODI 12. The first wizard that we need to run is the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) that is located here at ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/bin/rcu.bat.


Before we run it, we must understand what RCU is and what it can do for us. As its name suggests, it is a utility that may be used to create any repository component required for Oracle Fusion Middleware products, including the ODI Master/Work repository.

Oracle Database Express Edition 11g For Mac

In our project, we did not create ODI Master/Work repository with RCU, but instead we got two empty Oracle DB schemas and installed ODI directly there. The reason why we did not use RCU in this situation is because RCU will force you to create one single Oracle DB schema that will store both ODI Master and Work repositories and this is not a good approach when dealing with large environments.

Oracle Database 11g For Mac Os X

We think that Oracle’s rational on this subject was to simplify certain ODI installs by unifying all in a single place, but again, this removes some of the ODI’s architecture flexibility and complicates the use of complex architectures in the future, like using multiple Work repositories attached to one Master. So, if we already have ODI Master/Work repositories created, why do we still need RCU? This is because, from ODI 12 version on, we need a third Oracle DB schema that will be used to store the “Common Infrastructure Services” tables that are required for the ODI Standalone agent and the only way to create these tables are using the RCU utility.

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Now that we have set our expectations around RCU, let’s run it. The first screen is just a welcome screen explaining what RCU is about, so just click Next. Now let’s select “Create Repository” and “System Load and Product Load”. Just notice that you will be asked for a DBA user in the next steps, since this DBA user will be used to create the necessary database objects (including the DB schema itself) in the new “Common Infrastructure Services” schema. Add the database and DBA information and click next. ODI installer will check your information and if everything is ok, all tasks will be green.

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