Ati Radeon 4870 Flashed For Mac


Click to expand.Yes, this is the case. I can't say for sure, but I believe that if one were to flash the rom file from the Mac version, it may in fact run natively under OSX with the updated kexts in the Graphics Update. I don't know exactly, but I think that the reason the EFI partition on a regular Mac doesn't boot PC 5770's is because it's not programmed to look for the card, either the address or the rom file. So I would imagine that flashing the card with the Mac bios would probably work. I'll see if I can find the video that I saw which led me to discovering the Zeus program I found.

It's all very simple with that tool. Will post back when I do.

I'm running a 2x 2.66 intel core duo 1,1 Mac Pro from 2007. My current video card is a Nvidia 7300 GT. I want to upgrade to a better card for gaming in windows xp boot camp and Adobe products. The available upgrades i've seen are: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 1st gen mac pro graphics upgrade kit for $250 ATI Radeon 4870 HD from apple for $350. Or i can spend half as much for a better PC card that ill have to flash. This option sounds very enticing, but risky and i know next to nothing about flashing. ati radeon 4870 flashed for macbook pro

From what i've read, flashing a PC ATI Radeon 4870 is one of the safest ones to go with. A4tech 35 driver for mac. All i can really do is follow a guide and hope everything turns out alright. The most promising guides i came across are: (scroll down to 'How to flash a PC 4870 for a Mac Pro, using only Mac OS X') The second one in that list is more along the lines of something id feel comfortable doing myself, but i would need the exact same card the guy used.

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Can anyone provide a link to this exact card: Sapphire 4870 with 512MB VRAM (early model, based on ATI's reference design) Does anyone know of any other reliable 4870 flashing guides? I don't wanna buy the wrong card or destroy my computer. Alright, i finished reading the last 10 pages of the 81 pg thread. The flash safe XFX cards appear to be the XFX HD-487A-ZHFC XFX HD-487A-ZDFC and possibly the XFX HD-487A-YWFC. As for Sapphire. Moop from pg.

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75, #1855 appears to have successfully flashed a HD4870 512M GDDR5 PCI-E DUAL DVI-I/TVO PN 102-B50701-10-AT SKU# 21133-00-20R with a rom he made himself. Also, Blunderbus of pg.

80, #1999 has done it successfully with a Sapphire HD4870 1 GB GDDR5 PN 100259-1GL SKU# 11133-19-20R using a ROM made by Rominator. Seeing that your app is based on an XFX rom, i think im leaning towards XFX FHFC/ZDFC. With the ZDFC having the most success stories, i'll be looking for one of those first.

What do you think? Of the five mentioned, which would you recommend?

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Mac Pro:: ATI 4870 1GB Flashed To Work On Mac Pro? Sep 30, 2009 I am looking at putting one of these cards in my first gen Mac Pro and was wondering if anyone has had any problems with compatibility issues etc.

I am looking at getting one from bruinmacs and was looking for feedback from others that may have bought one and whether there have been any problems. Similar Messages: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ADVERTISEMENT Aug 19, 2009 I have bought a flashed 4870 for my 1st Gen Mac Pro and it works fine. But yesterday i wanted to plug a second 23' ACD in and woundered that its not working. Can i flash my card with another ROM so that i can use two monitors? In a german forum there are some people who has the same card and for them it works with 2 monitors.

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