It's a Chrome App, and every time you open a new tab it raises a fraction of a cent for charity. It doesn't sound like much, I know, but with the thousands of people doing it, it adds up fast. Not to mention that with the amount of time some of us are on the internet it adds up fast. I've been on it for 64 days and raised enough money for one person to have water for 1 year.

How does Tab for a Cause raise money for charity? There are a couple banner advertisements in the corner each time you open a New Tab.


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We get paid for these advertisements, and then give all the profits to charities that partner with us. Tab for a Cause is free to use and always will be. No matter what our costs are, we give at least half of our revenue to charity. Historically we’ve given upwards of 90%. We use the rest of the revenue for two purposes: (1) to cover costs, which include hosting/server costs and food for our team; and (2) to reinvest in getting more Tabbers so that we can give more to charity in the long term.

How much do I raise per New Tab? Though it varies greatly, a single tab raises between 1/10 and 1/3 of a cent for charity, which adds up to a lot! Check out our financials to see the impact Tabbers make together. Then there's also hearts. What are Hearts? Hearts are a Tab for a Cause currency that you earn for opening tabs and referring new friends.

You can then donate your Hearts to the charities that you would like to support. After gaining a certain number of Hearts, you level up! What happens when I donate my Hearts?

When you donate a Heart, you are essentially casting a vote for money to be given to your selected charity. At the end of each quarter, we take all of the money raised through Tab for a Cause and divide it amongst the charities based on the number of Hearts that were donated to each cause during the quarter. Here's the link if you want to start! Okay, so there's a scale looking thing in the left. Open that, and that's where you can join a group. Anything that I post here will be about the Dollars USA group.

Click on a group to see stats. So far, six of us have raised enough money for nine people to have clean water for a year. Which is awesome! Each week or something it changes to the most voted cause, so that's just how much money we raised. I don't know, it's confusing.

Regardless, I'M THE TOP TABBER IN THE GROUP SO FAR! Best vst instruments. This changed ever seven days, SO YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO BEAT ME! I don't spam tabs, though you can. I still get a pretty nice average of 20 a day. I've deemed most of the threads above this to be shit, so I'm bumping this up. Also, TabForACause is doing this thing that means you should all join immediately.

Qbeez 2 download for mac. For every new tabber, they donate $0.25 to conserve nature. I'm loving this for two reasons. 1) Nature is fucking awesome and beautiful. Plus the animals are adorable, and destroying nature is making the adorable animals extinct, which is very sad. 2) Science is fucking awesome, and science has proven that nature is fucking important because it protects against global warming, which will cause the next mass extinction.

For those that don't know, we're in the midst of the quickest mass extinction to date, and we're the cause of it. We can stop this if we save nature and stop polluting very soon. In light of the recent event that Tab for a Cause is having, we have more competition for the top 5 slots for the groups. Basically, this will last until April 6th. Brother mfc 8170dw driver

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