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9 Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac. You can export them to any application on your Mac right from the widget. Delivery Status. On its own, you can also refresh manually. GAget lets you switch between profiles, change the current chart (visitors, new visitors rate, bouncers rate), view data from up to four weeks back, and much more. Mac Dashboard widgets get you the information you want, now. Still, Mac widgets under Mountain Lion are now taking second fiddle to the Mac App Store. Even so, the widgets mentioned here are worth it for those quick-hit kind of moments. Here, you’ll [] Toggle navigation. The widgets What they are. Widgets are small applications used to perform smaller tasks or show data. Since they are programmed the same way as websites are it is easy for web developers to create widgets that display information from their websites.

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Mac OS X Tutorial: Add new widgets to your Dashboard Gadget Magazine Notice: Undefined index: order_next_posts in /nas/content/live/gadgetmag/wp-content/plugins/smart-scroll-posts/smart-scroll-posts.php on line 194 Notice: Undefined index: post_link_target in /nas/content/live/gadgetmag/wp-content/plugins/smart-scroll-posts/smart-scroll-posts.php on line 195 Notice: Undefined index: posts_featured_size in /nas/content/live/gadgetmag/wp-content/plugins/smart-scroll-posts/smart-scroll-posts.php on line 196. Anybody used to the Dashboard will know the easiness with which it enable one to access all kinds of useful information. Indeed, this fun and almost unique feature, which allows the display of a set of mini-applications called widgets, greatly enhances the user experience of the Mac OS X desktop. Widgets are very simple to develop and, from the initial set of 20 widgets presented by Apple back in the Tiger days, there are now thousands of widgets available. There are widgets for just about anything: from checking your favourite TV channel schedule to the result of the latest cricket game. There are even widgets that are fully fledged applications, such as the scientific calculator or the famous Asteroids game of the Eighties.

Greetings from a new MacBookAir user. I had to use my Durametric to clear an air bag code on last Sat. I had left the car running with a/c going to cool down the inside before taking off, and without the seat belt connected the air bag light came on. The Durametric Diagnostic Tool for Porsche was created for independent repair shops and private owners alike. It provides access to the many Porsche control units for maintenance and troubleshooting information. Durametric for mac.

Quickbooks desktop for mac Before trying these FAQs and troubleshooting suggestions, make sure that you have set up multi-user QuickBooks. I installed QuickBooks on the same computer as the company file (recommended), but I still can't open the company file in multi-user mode. To fixing multi-user issues in QuickBooks for Mac follow these steps: Verify that your QuickBooks server is running and the company file is shared or not. Firstly you click on Go from an Application. Check Your Mac OS Firewall Settings. I have been using Quickbooks on my Mac for years (Desktop version 2015). Several months ago I got an email stating that unless I update and pay a fee, I could no longer download my bank statements. Recent changes, improvements, and fixes in QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2016 The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2016. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases. Troubleshoot multi-user issues for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Follow the solutions provided below to troubleshoot issues you may experience while sharing your company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

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This tutorial will show you how to download and install these simple but powerful and time-saving tools. 1: Find a new widget Open Dashboard; click the plus sign; click Manage Widgets; click More Widgets. On the Apple website, check the various widget categories: Top Widgets, Just Added etc Or visit. 2: Download the widget Whether you choose to download from Apple or somewhere else, the process is always the same. Click on the download button and wait until the procedure is complete. 3: Install the widget Once the download is complete, confirm the installation by clicking Yes. When the widget opens in Dashboard, click Keep to finalise the installation process.

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4: Quickly hide a widget In Dashboard, with the Alt key pressed, move the mouse over the widget; then, without releasing the Alt key, click the X sign at its top-left corner to hide the widget. Tags:,,,, • • • • • •.

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