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Instructions on the best way to move your 'les. If you have no other need for the File Migration Utility, you can uninstall it from your. Mac computer using a. Migrating Your Personal Files. There are multiple ways to migrate your personal files from macOS to Windows 10. Ibm notes 9.0.2 for mac. This depends on a combination of factors, whether you plan to convert your Mac into.

Friday, September 25th, 2015 Author: Moving from an older Mac to a new Mac can seem daunting — there are all those settings you’ve grown accustomed to over the years, files to be moved, and applications to be reinstalled. Fortunately, Apple has made moving to a new Mac something that nobody should be afraid of. Through the use of Apple Migration Assistant, almost everything can be done for you. Setup Assistant The first time a new Mac is started up, an application called Setup Assistant runs. This is the app that asks for information about your network so that you can get connected to it, guides you through setting up a new user account (including a picture of you), and getting iCloud set up. It can also be used to transfer user accounts, settings and documents from another computer to the new Mac.

Many Mac users want to get to work on their new machines quickly, so they pass on using Setup Assistant to move data from an old machine. That’s fine, since the Migration Assistant can be used at any time to move all of your information and settings from another machine.

Migration Assistant The Migration Assistant app can transfer information from computers that have Mac OS X Snow Leopard version 10.6.8 or later installed. Samsung external dvd driver for mac. If you’re trying to migrate information from an earlier version of OS X, it’s best to update your old computer first or consider manually copying the data from the old machine to the new. Update: The old computer doesn’t need to be a Mac, by the way. The is a PC app that works with Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7 or 8 to move email, contacts, and calendar information; bookmarks, iTunes content, image files, system settings, and any other user-selected files from a PC to a Mac.

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However, for this article we’re focusing on moving from an older Mac to another Mac. Preparing to migrate There are some simple things to remember before you begin the migration from the old Mac to the new. First, if you’re using a Mac notebook on either end of the migration path, make sure that it is plugged in. Next, launch the Mac App Store on both Macs — even the new one — and check under Updates to make sure that both computers are completely up to date. The third step is to make sure that any third-party software on the old Mac has been updated. For apps that were purchased on the Mac App Store, this can be done at the same time you’re checking for any operating system updates.

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For apps purchased outside of the Mac App Store, it’s a good idea to visit the software vendor’s website to make sure you have the latest version. Most apps also have a “Check for Updates” menu item that makes checking for and updating to the latest version a snap. Finally, on the old Mac, launch System Preferences, click Sharing, and then be sure that you’ve entered a name in the Computer Name field: One other thing you might be asked during the migration process that you should be prepared for is whether or not you want to use FileVault.

Free read excel 2016 for mac. FileVault is Apple’s encryption technology that keeps others from viewing information stored on your startup drive without the right user name and password. All you need to know is that you may be asked during setup or migration, and that it’s OK to wait until after that time to either enable or disable FileVault.

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To do so, just launch System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, click on the FileVault tab, click the lock at the bottom of the pane to enter your password, and then click Turn On FileVault. One final important thing to remember: you may have set up your new Mac with the same user account name as the one you’re trying to migrate from. Migration Assistant is OK with that, as it will ask you what to do. There are two choices: replace the existing user on the new Mac, or give the user you’re migrating a new name. Choosing to replace an existing user overwrites that user’s Home folder on your new Mac. This is perfect if you’ve just set up the new Mac and there’s no important data in the Home folder. However, if you have already moved some data into the Home folder by a method other than the Migration Assistant, it’s probably best to give the user you’re migrating a new account name.

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