Neatdesk Desktop Scanner Filing System For Mac

Neatdesk Desktop Scanner Filing System For Mac
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The NeatDesk desktop scanner and digital filing system quickly turns all your paper documents into digital files so you stay organized and clutter-free. Patented technology identifies and extracts important information. NeatDesk is a high-speed desktop scanner and digital filing system that enables you to scan receipts, business cards and documents all in one batch. InDocument Identification technology identifies and extracts the important information—and automatically organizes it for you.

Filing System Rules

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Great system! Outstanding service! A couple of years ago my husband saw a TV ad for the NEAT system and suggested I look into it.

An angel's marshmallows. I found several bad reviews online, especially of the service, so I declined to buy. When QVC had the NeatDesk Destop Scanner as a TSV I listened carefully and decided to buy the system because of the advancements in the system and the quality of QVC's follow up.

Abit in9 32x-max drivers. (I also purchased the service package to make sure.) After receiving and installing the scanner I found that part of the scanned image was blacked out. I called NEAT service and they quickly determined that there was a problem. They sent a replacement immediately and I followed their directions for free return. Since then I have had absolutely no problems with the system.

It is frequently updated and I am frequently finding new ways to utilize the system. (I am a 'if all else fails read the directions' person.) If I have a question I find the service department to be extremely patient and very competent. What a Rip-off!!

Buyer Beware! This is nothing but a $350 scanner which doesn't allow you access to your documents except though its software. It will not do multiple-page PDF documents so that a 10-page document is stored as 10 pages.

You have to enter titles yourself. It doesn't do business cards very well. It does do receipts okay. So if all you want to do is receipts, get it.

Neatdesk For Pc

Otherwise buy a nice all-in-one printer/scanner for about $100-$150. PS Trying to contact NeatDesk for help is an object in futility.

The NeatDesk software didn't work. I tried to send an e-mail on-line since there was no number to call. The e-mail wouldn't go through. Called QVC and got a number.

After many futile minutes on the phone with a tech, I solved my own problem! Disappointed I received the Neat for my Christmas present.

File renamer lite mac file renamer lite for mac. My husband suggests I keep all our receipts, so I thought this would be a better way. I could get rid of envelopes full of receipts. After installing and getting started I found it was not as easy as they make it out to be. After I entered several receipts I noticed that it was not picking up the right information so I had to go in and fix the amounts and the tax amount. Sometimes it puts in the wrong year, so I have to check each receipt I put in. Also it is not that easy to run the reports I want.

I am still trying to figure that out. Thank goodness there is a video to kind of guide you. It is a little helpful, but I still can't get the reports I want.

Neatdesk Plus Desktop Scanner

Maybe some day I will get it all figured out. A Big Hurdle To Get This Working Could not wait to receive this since I was eyeing it for a couple of years. Wd my passport for mac on windows. My husband who is computer literate had to reinstall the operating system which took hours of his time. The main problem was the sequel server which would not install.

We were ready to send it back and he finally got it working. Once installed, it does work like a dream and I will finally get rid of all this paper. Giving it 3 stars for the lack of explanation in their brochure and the hours my husband spent in getting it to work.

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