Navionics App For Mac


[Update ] Navionics Mobile offers on the iTunes AppStore charts with build-in navigation application under the name. Is a navigation application created by a developer who uses American Independent, among others, same Navionics charts. Many users are wondering what differences justify the price differential between these two applications. Actually, several points raised question: • Navionics Marine charts are strictly the same as those Navionics charts used with iNavX. The only difference is the division of geographical areas. • The application is included with Navionics Marine charts purchased from the iTunes AppStore, while they must be purchased separately with iNavX.

Navionics App For Mac

• The price of Navionics charts purchased from iNavX on website is higher than the iTunes AppStore. Wacom intuos gd-0608-u driver mac. I will try to shed some light. Time life books electrical wiring. Navionics Mobile The Italian company distributes its charts through various ways. Either supports SD-Card/CF Card for chartplotters market, either on CD-ROM for some software, or to download for other applications. Navionics has chosen two distribution channels for smartphones: iTunes AppStore for iPhone / iPad and Google Market for devices supporting the Android system.

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Charts are sold by geographic regions, the application being incorporated in each region. This means that the price of the application is included in the charts region, and the very aggressive pricing make it charting the most widely distributed worldwide. INavX Navionics has also concluded an agreement with Canadian company for the establishment of its charting on a distribution server,, offering charts from many publishers and allows different applications to download, among the most important: Fugawi Marine ENC, Global Navigator and NavPlanner 2 for Windows, GPSNavX and MacENC for Mac, iNavX for iPhone and iPad, PathAway 5 for Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile, and more to come. This way offers, through the annual subscription to an account on the server, the possibility of storing charts bought, download them and update them at any time, store files of waypoints, routes and tracks for exchange with other applications, receive, store and download GRIB weather files. This more complete way has a cost that affects the price of charts for iNavX, while remaining 5 times less expensive than their equivalent for Mac / PC. Features compared I tried to make a comparative table of the features of the two applications, knowing that the charting is exactly the same.

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