Native Waterfall Charts In Powerpoint For Mac


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If you need to export a waterfall chart, use Macabacus' waterfall Quick Chart rather than the native waterfall chart. Excel data may be deleted unexpectedly In August or September 2017, Microsoft released an Office update that introduced a bug that may cause Excel 2016 purchased via an Office 365 subscription (only) to delete data unexpectedly. Additionally, at the time of this writing, the native waterfall and other chart types introduced in Excel 2016 are buggy and lack key functionality found in other chart types. These limitations prevent you from exporting these new chart types to PowerPoint / Word using Macabacus (and other add-ins), for example. The Waterfall Chart in Excel 2016 In 2015, Microsoft released six new charts in an update for Excel 2016. This release was a direct response to user feedback and one of those new charts was the waterfall chart.

Powerpoint Waterfall Chart Formatting

Hello, I am using office on a macbook pro and my issue is that i want to copy in powerpoint a waterfall chart that i created in excel using the new insert waterfall chart function and keep a link between the graph and the excel source. /iskysoft-audio-recorder-serial-number-for-mac/. I want to do this so that i can send the powerpoint to someone else and they are able to access the graph data without me having to send them the excel source separately. When i copy bar charts from excel to powerpoint, i am always asked if i want to keep the source attached to the powerpoint so that anyone can have access to the data of the graphs in the chart but with the waterfall chart, i am not asked to do that and thus the graph becomes empty when i send the powerpoint to someone else.

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