Napoleonic Ww2 Card Game For Mac


I have been an amateur history buff for some time and a board game and roleplayer for even longer (31 years) - and, like many, WW2 is a favourite period of mine. I have longed for and even bought a few of the 'epic' WW2 grand strategy games that whole time, but have yet to ever sat down and played one (A&A excepted). I am now of the age where: 1) I can afford to buy these game systems I once only dreamed of owning, as well as 2) have a big enough house that I can set up and leave set up the game and 3) after many wrong choices, have also found the love of my life - a woman who is actually happy for both of the above to happen!

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So, as 40 fast approaches I am going to ensure that I buy the best bloody game in the genre and sit down with my best mate (also an amateur historian of a certain age), several decent bottles of red wine and bloody-well finish it. But which game to play? I once owned SPI's, managing to set it up a couple of times in 1992 and also have the updated/expanded 2001 (unplayed). I have the World in Flame's rules, although mysteriously the rest of the game has disappeared in one of several housemoves. Free deck designer for mac. I sold my ancient copy of mainly because it looked SOOO ugly and I have owned every mainstream version of the combined (bar the Anniversary edition) mainly because its the only WW2 strategy game I can get our irregular gaming group to play (and for that it serves admirably). The Hearts of Iron franchise of PC/Mac games have been scratching the grand WW2 strategy itch for the last decade - I have even had some success at running multiplayer games of them, but dammit, I want to return to my first love of counters, blocks, boards and dice.

Napoleonic Ww2 Card Game For Mac

Ive created a Napolenic Card Game, for PC & Mac and windows tablets, its free, very advanced A.I. Each card is played with a uneque terrain card, each card has differrent benifits depending on terrain, the Leaders inprove a hand, you have the option to hold a card and terrain. Arduino addon for mac. Each card gives the player special unit upgrades, advantages in battle, new recruits, historical events, or political actions that can change the alliances or borders of the French Empire. Land and Naval Battles utilizing a fast-play abstracted tactical battle system.

Nothing else can quite match gazing out across a continent with your hundreds of pretty forces stacked precariously So, enough reminiscing, what do I want from this game?: Several things for me are key, in a roughly ascending order of importance: It has to be pretty. The prettier the better. The map for Eastern Front/Euro Front pretty, and with pretty units, preferably with camo-painted aircraft.

Best Napoleonic Game

The WiF mountains are hideous. It has to be exciting to play, without too much downtime for either player (or my friend Tim will get bored and leave). I dont want to be just in control of my unit's movements, I want to decide what to build, what to research and I also want control over my political decisions. The gameplay has to feel realistic. I dont want to spend ages having to work out the funkiness of the rules. I want to use my knowledge of the period and it's battles to construct my strategies.

Napoleonic Computer Games

Best sketching program for mac. It has to cover the entire war; i.e both the Euroasian & Pacific Theatres and they need to affect each other, certainly if playing as USA or UK but ideally I want to feel like I am playing a truly global war; not two separate wargames with similar rulesets! Although realistic, the rules have to be fairly intuitive or at the very least well-written. There is nothing worse than struggling through hours of gameplay to realise you've completely missed out entire rules or been playing completely wrong. I dont want to have to refer to the rules at all after the first couple of turns.

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