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Nakashima Golf HTECH Driver Nakashima Golf HTECH Driver with the Interchangeable Shaft System. The HTEC Driver from Nakashima adds a new dimension never before found in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) golf driver technology. The HTEC Driver head has been designed with a completely removable hosel made from CNC milled 7075 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum. This feature allows the Nakashima HTEC head to be quickly and easily assembled with any shaft. The removable hosel is inserted into the Nakashima HTEC head and secured with a screw, which is available in 3 different weights 10, 12 and 14 grams. Made to Nakashima's previously established manufacturing standards which utilize only the finest raw materials, Nakashima's exclusive Super Micro Grain forging process and minimal 2-piece, 'pull-face' construction, Other interchangeable shaft Testing Systems require two adapters, one for the driver hosel and one for the shaft.

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Chitchat whatsapp for mac. While the premise is promising, the execution of these other systems fails to deliver. Testing Systems can only offer an approximation of how the driver head and shaft will ultimately play.

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Use the form on the right to contact us. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Nakashima Golf Driver Fitting “+15yards Guaranteed!“. When tested at Nakashima Golf Driver Fitting Sessions, over 95% of golfers hit their own driver 15 or more yards shorter than what could be possible for their club head speed.

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The additional fact that many variables change from a testing club to the actual club made is a common complaint with these testing systems. The Nakashima HTEC is completely different in this regard. Unlike other interchangeable shaft Testing Systems introduced previously, the Nakashima HTEC enables golfers to try any head and shaft combination with ease and then buy the actual club tested! This leaves no possible variations between the tested demo and the actual club made. In designing the HTEC, we felt that it was very important to take into account the needs of the master club builders that we work so closely with.

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A common belief that finding the spine of the shaft and placing that spine in its proper position when building the club is an essential element of making a higher performing driver. The HTEC body and the aluminum hosel each have twelve splines which help create a secure fit between the HTEC head and the hosel. Free download eden eternal for mac. These splines also enable club builders to place the shaft in one of twelve positions which will give them the ability to place the spine in its optimal position should they so desire. Another unique possibility is to buy a low launch and high launch shaft (such as the Matrix) and easily switch between the two to best suit course conditions for the day. How about an extra long lightweight shaft for play on a wide open course for extra distance and a short, heavyweight shaft with the heavier 14g screw for a control club on tight courses.

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