My Thoughts On Twitter For Mac


Jun 16, 2016  Following Apple’s WWDC 2016 Keynote event on Monday June 13th 2016, I look at their latest Mac operating system. MacOS Sierra. Watch the full keynote here: h. Let’s start with my bias. I love Twitter, use it all the time (a lot more than Facebook), and will continue to love and root for Twitter. I’ve been a Twitter for Mac user for a long time. I know it’s out of favor with all the cool kids, but it works for me. It sits quietly on the left side of.

Tweetie for Mac was in the Loren Brichter-created Twitter app triumvirate. Tweetie on the iPhone became Tweetie 2, and then morphed into. And it’s excellent. Received some sharp criticisms when it arrived, but it too has evolved into greatness. And yet there sat the original version of, with its iPhone-inspired interface and its lack of native retweets, aging unfavorably in light of numerous younger Twitter client upstarts. That all changed on Thursday with the latest step in Tweetie for Mac’s life, which emerged from its cocoon as Twitter for Mac, available for free via. When I launched Twitter for Mac for the first time, I knew instantly what the knee-jerk complaints would be.

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Uber Twitter For Mac

It doesn’t look quite like a Mac app. It looks more than a bit like an iOS app that’s missing the iOS device itself. Standing there by itself, it looks okay. But on a Mac desktop littered with other windows, there’s definitely something off about it: There’s no title bar. The Close/Minimize/Resize circles are non-standard and monochromatic.

You can drag the window from anywhere on the black bar, but not from the theoretical title bar region. Macworld’s own Jason Snell that the app looks a bit like a Dashboard widget that flew the coop. He’s not wrong. Again, to me, that’s what many iPhone apps look like. But for the side tabs, doesn’t Twitter for Mac seem right at home in this frame? So yes, Twitter for Mac looks a bit out of place.

My Thoughts On Twitter For Mac

I’d be more comfortable if a few missing options were in place: a more Mac-like window (with a title bar), an adjustable font size and color (the gray text is my least favorite part), and the option to display both real names and usernames at the same time. And I wish that—like and —Twitter would show everyone’s replies to me in my timeline. But even as-is, Twitter has become my new favorite Mac Twitter client. Sony visual communication camera vgp vcc8 driver for mac.

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(I’m.) It just does so much very, very well: • Elegantly implemented multiple account support • Single-key shortcuts for common actions (favorite with F, for example) • Contextual reply, favorite, and retweet links • Double- tapclick on a tweet for its full conversation (though the app should better indicate those tweets that have conversations behind them) • Right arrow on tweets for more contextual information about them. That last bullet deserves some explanations of its own.

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