My Mom, My Idol


Yet still, she always finds time to talk or be with her grand kids or help my sister and I with all the trials and tribulations that go with having teenage kids. The burden is double on. She is my major idol. She is always there for me,and when I have a crappy day I run to her,get a hug,sit down and just talk to her. Sure I sometimes start crying,but that isn't a bad thing,she is my mom,and she has seen me in my worse times ever.

Her day starts at 2:00 AM. (pretty early, isn't it?) Then she does her paath. (for she is a SIKH) Next she starts her household works. She prepares the breakfast, cleans the house, washes the clothes and does other works. She helps me get ready for school, irons my school dress, makes my braids and packs my tiffin box.

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At home she does all work, without any complaint. Recently, in my social book I read that why do we usually call housewives that they do not do any work while actually whenever I see my mom, she is always working. That's what I like about her and the reason why she is my ROLE MODEL.

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• America is America Idol. In this show contestants are auditioned from cities around the country and are then chosen by the judges to compete in Hollywood. Despite the singing part of this show viewers definitely ask themselves, of whom of these contestants are my “ Idol.” With the “ Idol” concept and 30 million. • • 2 Page • 266 Words • It took me seventeen years to realize what an extraordinary influence my mom has been in my life. She's the kind of person who has thoughtful discussions about her everyday life experiences and what to do about them, the kind of mom who always has time for her kids, and the kind of leader who always has.

• • 2 Page • 454 Words • significant influence on me, the name comes quickly: Mom. She hasn't had a significant influence on me simply because she raised me, but because of the circumstances she did it under and the things that she taught me along the way.To put it simply, my mom is truly the most amazing woman I have ever met. • • 2 Page • 452 Words • think of my mom. My mom is caring, encouraging, and she loves me.

I won’t be able to make it to today if she had never taught me all those lessons of life. My mom cares for my family and me. She cares about my schoolwork as well as housework. My grandma once told me that when my mom was my age, she. • • 2 Page • 344 Words • been that one to make a difference in your life. Thinking of the one person who has the most influence on me in my life may not be the most unique response, but the name comes quickly: Mom. She hasn't had an influence on me mainly because she raised me to be who I am today, but because of the conditions.

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