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:::: Moodle Moodle MacMurray College uses (an open source online classroom) to manage its online and blended classes. Moodle is available on or off campus and allows students and professors to work together in a learning environment at their leisure. Logging In Click 'Log in' in the upper right hand corner of any Moodle page to be taken to the login page, or you can use the login block on the. You can use either your Mac email address or the first twenty characters of your username (your Mac email address without '' or '') as your Moodle username. Your password is the same one you use to access your email.

Download moodle mac, moodle mac, moodle mac download free. These instructions were used to install PHP 5.1.2, MySQL 5.0.18 and Moodle with Mac OS 10.4.5 on a standard client Mac (not server version) to be used as a production server. The MacMurray College Moodle classroom is located at Logging In Click 'Log in' in the upper right hand corner of any Moodle page to be taken to the login page, or you can use the login block on the Moodle home page.

Free Moodle Account

If you have forgotten your password, you can use MacMurray's to have it reset. If you are not sure of your account credentials, you can for assistance. Updating Your Information You can edit your profile and preferences by clicking the arrow next to your name to the right in the menu along the top of each page.

In the resulting drop down menu, click 'Preferences'. Screenshot of the user menu, highlighting 'Preferences'.

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The resulting page will give you links to help personalize your Moodle experience. Course Enrollment Once you are signed in, you should be automatically enrolled in any courses you are taking. You can see your current courses by clicking or in the Navigation block, located by default on the side of the page.

If you are not enrolled in any courses, you may enroll yourself by finding your course in the list of currently available courses on the home page. Note that some courses require enrollment keys which you must get from your instructor. Additional Help The Moodle contains detailed documents meant to be used as tutorials to help ease users into Moodle. For questions concerning Moodle (accessing your account, Moodle functions, etc.), contact the Moodle admins at or via. For questions concerning course-related information on Moodle (assignments, due dates, etc.), contact your instructor. Flash plugin for mac. • About Information Technology • • • • • Services • • • • • • • Policies • • • • • •.

Welcome to Moodle @ Mac: MacMurray College's home for online learning! If you are looking for our main website, please visit. If you are looking for My, our student and staff online portal, please visit. Logging In Need help logging in? Click the link in the menu along the top of the page and follow the instructions listed under 'Account Information.'

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