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If your mod manager window does not show up on screen after running, please refer to 'Bug Workaround' near the bottom of the page. NOTICE: Get support and submit bugs/errors. For updates in development progression,. /mnii-local-tyrants-gold-wireless-mouse-for-mac/. Description The Sims 4 Mod Manager is a program designed to make management of mods easier. Features • Drag and drop (supports more than one drop) • Auto-installs mods from their archives (Zip, RAR, or 7Zip). See 'Adding Mods' below.

• Does not make use of the Resource.cfg – Mods are backed up to a folder, and are copied to the “Mods” folder when enabled. • Enable multiple mods at once • Disable multiple mods at once • Shows mod type – “Package” if it is a “.package” file, and “Script” if it is a “.zip” file. Also shows icons for both types. • Supports sub-folder categorization (only supports 1 level) Version Change Log 2.2.0: • Added support for archives. • Changed to use libraries for extraction of all supported archive formats. • Download now comes in the form of an installer. • Any archives contained within an archive will be extracted and discerned as a script mod.

• Small internal chages/optimizations. Oracle and apple team up to develop openjdk project for mac 2.1.0: • Mod manager now auto-installs mods from their archives (.rar Scroll down for more info. • Fixed issues with French computers. • Small internal changes 2.0.1: (Optional Patch) • Fixed configuration related startup error 2.0.0: • Re-coded and re-built from the ground up. • Implemented re-sizing of window, and saving position of the window on screen.

• Added 'New Tab' containing various features that will open in different tabs, and also contains an RSS feed from • Added icons to mod types in the mod manager tab. • Added tool tip showing file information for individual mod items in the mod manager tab. • Added option to add a category in the mod manager tab. • Added option to remove a category in the mod manager tab.

Total War Rome 2 Mod Manager For Mac

• Added ability to rename mods without renaming the files themselves. • Added a settings tab. • Added a screenshot viewer tab. • Added a Resource.cfg file editor tab. • Added log file for error reporting. • Removed 'Available Mods' idea.

Nexus Mod Manager For Mac

• Changes to UI. 1.3.1: • Fixed error upon removing a mod that is in a sub-folder • Fixed error upon removing every mod on the list • Fixed mod counter issue 1.3.0: • Small changes to UI • Added item grouping. – Groups are folders, with items under them as mods. • Tweaked how mods are added to adapt to how mods are now displayed. • Tweaked some other parts of code to adapt to how mods are now displayed. • The “About” tab is now no longer permanent and can be opened by pressing the gear icon.

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