Mlt 0.5.8 For Mac


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Hi guys, so I have some questions; I have a C&L 73mm MAF (for better or worse) and need a different calibration tube for my 24# injectors. Running an A3M (factory style) processor.

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Mlt 0.5.8 For Mac

Mlt 0.5.8 For Mac

Now C&L is out of business and the only place I can find the tubes are the Mac versions from their website. So I put in an order yesterday for a CT10 (Mac's version of a C&L brown tube from what I can tell using their conversion chart.) however upon further inspection, their website says to use a Mac CT2 (their version of a C&L blue tube.) so I called tech support and the tech guy said to go off their chart and use the CT2 not the CT10. So I put in that order. Here's the part that bugs me; C&L uses a brown tube/CT10 in my car as well as 94-95 5.0s with 76mm MAF & 30lb injectors (36 for cobra.) Mac uses a brown tube/CT10 in the 94-95 5.0s with 76mm MAF 30lb injectors (36 for cobra) C&L uses the blue tube in 86-93 5.0s with 80mm MAF & 36/38lb injectors. Mac also uses the CT2/blue tube for 86-93 5.0s with 80mm MAF & 36/38lb injectors. So because of the confusion on the website, I don't know if I've got the right item.

The tech guy seemed pretty sure I needed the CT2 but it just doesn't seem right. Hoping maybe one of you guys has some knowledge.

Download Vmware Fusion 8.5.8 (for Mac Os X)

/eyetv-3-software-for-mac/. Chuckb 12:13 PM. C&L went out of business about 10 or so months ago. MAC bought out their stuff so they sell the MAF meters and calibration tubes now. Before C&L closed I called up in regards to the same question you have (I had a 73mm C&L MAF with a blue tube for 24lb injectors and a stock airbox) as I noticed several years after I bought the meter new C&L recommended the brown tube in my application. I talked to Lee at C&L and he said that the brown tube leaned out the signal slightly resulting in a gain of ~3hp over the blue tube in that application. Personally I would go by the C&L calibration chart over the MAC one.

Order the brown tube from MAC and rock and roll. BTW I never changed the tube in my 73mm MAF. So if you already have the blue tube it will be fine.

MaSStaP 03:42 PM. Just my 2 cents, but when you start getting strange idle/cruise/acceleration gremlins look to the C&L. I ran one for a couple years, worked fine with 19, then ok with 24 but ran like garbage with 30's. It actually ran great using the 19 tube with 24lb injectors IME. I had a few other friends with the same problems. One friend had a VERY well tuned 306 but he always experienced a slight hesitation when cruising at freeway speeds. He spent weeks checking and double checking, tested or replaced everything from fuel to spark etc, etc.

He took me for a cruise and showed me. We got back to his house I pulled my Pro-M off and put it on his car and we went for a drive. Microsoft excel free version download for windows. No more problem. He ordered one and never looked back. I understand there's a trick with these C&L's about clocking or twisting them around in the housing or something, but that seems like a bandaid fix to me. If you stick with 24lb injectors you'll probably be ok, but if you ever go upto 30's be ready to buy a meter calibrated for them. TomV 08:49 AM.

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