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Type: String, List, Ename (entity name), or nil The order, number, and type of arguments for the mirror3d function are the same as if you were using the AutoCAD MIRROR3D command. A null response (a user pressing Enter) can be indicated by specifying nil or an empty string ('). AutoCAD for Mac Shortcut Guide - Type faster and work more efficiently by using the AutoCAD for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts below! Below, you’ll find a list of commands that can be used on AutoCAD for Mac. Opens or closes the Tool Sets palette. MIRROR3D / Mirrors objects across a specified mirroring plane.

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Cmd-A or Ctrl-A Selects all objects in the current layout Cmd-G Groups the selected objects Cmd-H Hides AutoCAD window Cmd-M Minimizes the current drawing window Cmd-N or Ctrl-N Creates new drawing Cmd-O or Ctrl-O Opens drawing Cmd-P or Ctrl-P Displays the Print/Plot dialog box Cmd-Q or Ctrl-Q Closes the program Cmd-R Regenerates the current viewport Cmd-S or Ctrl-S Saves the current drawing. If the drawing has not been saved yet, the Save Drawing As dialog box is displayed Cmd-W Closes the current drawing Cmd-Opt-W Closes all drawings Shift-Cmd-G Ungroups the selected group Shift-Cmd-P Displays the Page Setup Manager Shift-Cmd-R Regenerates all viewports in the current layout Shift-Cmd-S or Shift-Ctrl-S Displays the Save Drawing As dialog box Ctrl-A Selects all objects in the current layout Cmd-Opt-M Minimizes all. Fn-F11 Hides all open windows Fn-F12 Display dashboard Cmd-1 or Ctrl-3 Opens or closes the Tool Sets palette Cmd-2 or Ctrl-2 Opens or closes the Content palette on and off Cmd-3 or Ctrl-9 Shows or hides the Command Window Cmd-4 Opens or closes the Layers palette Cmd-5 or Cmd-I or Ctrl-1 Opens or closes the Properties Inspector palette Cmd-6 Toggles the display of the status bar on and off Cmd-7 Opens or closes the Reference Manager palette Cmd-8 or Ctrl-4 Project Manager Cmd-9 Material Browser Cmd-0 or Ctrl-0 Toggles Clean Screen on and off Cmd-- Zooms out Cmd-+ Zooms in Cmd-, Options Cmd. Or Shift- Cmd. Displays the Quick View dialog box Shift-Cmd-C Displays the Color Palette. Select a new color to make it the current color for new objects Cmd-Opt-H Hides the Windows of all other applications Cmd-Opt-I Properties Cmd-Opt-T Toggles Toolset Palette. E ERASE / Removes objects from a drawing ED DDEDIT / Edits single-line text, dimension text, attribute definitions, and feature control frames EL ELLIPSE / Creates an ellipse or an elliptical arc ER EXTERNALREFERENCES /Opens the External References palette EX EXTEND /Extends objects to meet the edges of other objects EXIT QUIT / Exits the program EXP EXPORT / Saves the objects in a drawing to a different file format EXT EXTRUDE / Extends the dimensions of a 2D object or 3D face into 3D space EXTENDSRF SURFEXTEND /Creates new surface by extending existing surface.

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O OFFSET / Creates concentric circles, parallel lines, and parallel curves OBJECTSELECTION LIMIT OPTIONS / Customizes the program settings OFFSETSRF SURFOFFSET/ Creates a parallel surface or solid by setting an offset distance from a surface OP OPTIONS / Customizes the program settings OPENPROJECT SURFOFFSET / Creates a parallel surface or solid by setting an offset distance from a surface ORBIT 3DORBIT / Rotates the view in 3D space, but constrained to horizontal and vertical orbit only OS OSNAP / Sets running object snap modes. P PAN / Moves the view planar to the screen PA PASTECLIP / Pastes objects from the Clipboard into the current drawing PALETTE SCLOSE TOOLSETSCLOSE/ Closes the tool palettes window PAR PARAMETERS / Controls the associative parameters used in the drawing PARAM BPARAMETER / Adds a parameter with grips to a dynamic block definition PATCH SURFPATCH / Creates a new surface by fitting a cap over a surface edge that forms a closed loop PE PEDIT/ Edits polylines and 3D polygon meshes PGP ALIASEDIT / Creates, modifies, and deletes AutoCAD command aliases. PL PLINE / Creates a 2D polyline PM SHEETSET / Opens the Project Manager PMAUTOOPEN SSMAUTOOPEN / Controls the display behavior of the Project Manager when a drawing associated with a layout is opened.

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