Mini Tactile Ketboard For Mac


The best keyboard for your Mac now comes in a smaller size. Best streaming audio recording software for mac. Legendary, high performance Matias Click mechanical switches (Alps inspired) provide the ability to type faster, more accurately, and more comfortably. “The best keyboard Apple ever made” goes on a diet. Based on our award-winning Tactile Pro keyboard, the Mini Tactile Pro is smaller, and also built from the same premium ALPS clicky keyswitch technology that Apple used in its original Apple Extended Keyboard — widely viewed as the best keyboard Apple ever made. Matias Mini Tactile Pro keyboard for Mac # FK303 マティアス (キーボード) [PSR]!値引きする,人気新作オフィス家具、保証最高品質を持つ。. If you loathe your laptop's built-in keyboard, the Mini Tactile Pro is narrow enough to fit in your laptop bag. Mac-friendly function keys. Just like an Apple keyboard, the Mini Tactile Pro’s function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more.

  1. Apple Mac Mini Keyboard

Verified Buyer Reviewer: Anonymous Rating: 4/5 Great Feel, Very Noisy January 3, 2016 My particular keyboard had a few sticky keys, but the manufacturer's customer service was stellar. The keyboard is so noisy though - and since I operate on the phone I asked if there was a quiet version, which turned out to only have a PC-style keyboard. But they sent it immediately out to replace the Mac version, and I'm very happy with the tactile feel and relative quiet, although I hope they come out with a Mac version of it soon. I would recommend this item to a friend! Verified Buyer Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Dayton, OH Age: Over 65 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months Rating: 5/5 I had a problem, Mac Sales handled it. June 15, 2015 This is a great keyboard. I hated the wireless one from Apple, it ate batteries.

Now I don't have to play power angel with the keyboard. The first keyboard I got didn't work. Horseshoe casino indiana. I called OWC and the tech guys sent another one. Prior to sending the second unit, they checked the replacement to make sure it would work properly. It did and does now too. My rating is for the product AND the Mac Sales team.

They're both great! I would recommend this item to a friend! Verified Buyer Reviewer: Anonymous Age: 25-34 Experience Level: IT Professional Owned Product: over 6 months Rating: 5/5 The Best Keyboard I've Ever Used November 6, 2014 As a professional software engineer, I write code all day for work, and I write code all night for fun. Needless to say, I have begun to see the signs of a repetitive stress injury developing. Being mindful of this, I take frequent breaks, stretch, and try to practice good posture.

In addition to this, I began to search for the perfect keyboard for coding on a Mac. I set some criteria that this mythical keyboard must have: - No numpad. This reduces the distance my arm has to move to use the mouse.


- Mechanical switches with audible and tactile feedback. Easier to press, and easier to know that you have pressed a key. - Mac Compatible. Unfortunately this ruled out 90% of the mechanical keyboards out there After much searching I finally found this Matias keyboard.

Apple Mac Mini Keyboard

It satisfied all of my criteria, and it even has some awesome extras: - built in USB hub like the wired Apple keyboards - super compact design that moves the arrow keys in closer, further reducing the mouse travel distance. - it comes with two high quality Micro-USB cords: one long one, and one short one that has an awesome reversible plug so you don't have to care what way is up when you plug it into your Mac. - Nerd cred for having a mechanical keyboard that does use Cherry switches like all the rest (ALPS) I have been using this keyboard at work as a software engineer for the past 7 months, and I have nothing bad to say about it. A potential con, if you care about noise, is that this keyboard is fairly loud.

Personally I don't mind, but I can't speak for my coworkers. I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Kingston, JAMAICA - West Indies Age: Over 65 Experience Level: Home User Owned Product: 1-3 months Rating: 5/5 The best of the best keyboards for the Mac! October 25, 2014 I recently acquired a new Mac Pro, and when purchasing it I wanted a new keyboard. I’d been using electronic keyboards for quite a while, but thought I’d switch over to a keyboard with mechanical switches and give them a try. I ordered the Matias Mini Tactile Pro Keyboard from OWC Macsales, and I must say that I was more excited with this than the Mac Pro itself! Everything stated in their advertising is right on: I can type at least twice as fast, and I make very few mistakes now. This keyboard it a beautiful unit, and a substantial one as well.

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