Minecraft 1.3.2 Cracked Server No Lag Crack Pics Alexis Creek 25, Bc


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3-5 people quit every single day because of the LAG of not only factions, but also skyblock, survival and probably its the whole server. 3-5 people is ALOT for a server like GC. My suggestion is to not 'change locations' or whatever but actually try testing the server out and looking for bugs/lags to fix.

This must be done on every satellite Apogeeserver(If you have installed such), but the software will look for satellites and will update them automaticly. Prepress

I think people rather would wait a week long server shutdown and no lag rather than lag every 3 minutes. I go online and every 5 minutes I get kicked because the lag sends me too many packets and I get auto kicked. Its not only me, alot of other people. Cristine reyes and ara mina movie. So please,think about us too;-; The less players there will be, the more unsuccessful server will be. AXed made a post regarding the lag issues, it’s only known on Skyblock and faction (Major lag/crash servers) There are a few other servers experiencing lag/connection problems. We’re aware of the issue/s and isn’t simple to fix right away.


It’s causing major gameplay issues for everyone based on various sources of lag which we’ve tracked down a few of them. Have rolled out a few changes to sort crash related issues. Spawner plugin which is the main source of lag atm, author is working on it to solve these preformance problems. All I can say is be patient as we’re working on it. And sorry for any inconvenience this poor server preformance has caused.

This entry was posted on 07.11.2018.