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Microsoft Corp. Will stop developing versions of its Internet Explorer browser software for Macintosh computers, saying that Apple Computer Inc.' S Safari is now all that Apple needs.


Microsoft Corp. Will stop developing versions of its Internet Explorer browser software for Macintosh computers, saying that Apple Computer Inc.' S Safari is now all that Apple needs.

Microsoft will no longer develop IE as independent software, only as part of its Windows operating system. 'Browsers are now a generally established piece of the OS, and it doesn't make sense to keep developing them separately,' Microsoft U.K. Desktop marketing manager Neil Laver said today. Microsoft's development of Internet Explorer for Apple's computers was driven by a five-year agreement that has now lapsed, Laver said. [ Related: ] 'We anticipated this, ever since they announced there would be no more stand-alone versions. If they'd continued to produce a Mac version, it would have been a very unique product,' said Rob Enderle, a San Jose-based analyst at Forrester Research Inc. Microsoft's operating system and browser are very closely coupled, and now that Apple has developed its own browser, there's no reason for Microsoft to continue development, he said.

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The decision could cause concern for Mac users who use Internet Explorer to access sites that aren't accessible using other browsers. Many site developers develop purely for Internet Explorer as it is the dominant browser worldwide. Microsoft will continue to develop a version of its Office suite for Macs and its Virtual PC for Mac, Laver said. 'We will definitely continue to support Internet standards,' he said.

[ ] However, Enderle isn't convinced that Office development will continue. 'With this decision, we may be seeing the first steps to pulling out of the Mac platform altogether.

One of the jokes in the industry is about how long will it take for Gates and Ballmer to take their ball and go home,' he said. Apple officials weren't immediately available for comment.

Microsoft dropping Internet Explorer for Mac support Having not updated the product in several years and allowing it to lapse on various Web standards and the technical pace set by Safari and other Mac browsers, Internet Explorer for Mac OS X will, officially, on December 31st 2005. It will no longer be available for download as of January 31st, 2006. A statement posted to Microsoft's Mactopia Web site reads: 'In June 2003, the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit announced that Internet Explorer for Mac would undergo no further development, and support would cease in 2005. In accordance with published support lifecycle policies, Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer for Mac on December 31st, 2005, and will provide no further security or performance updates. 'Additionally, as of January 31st, 2006, Internet Explorer for the Mac will no longer be available for download from Mactopia. It is recommended that Macintosh users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari.'

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Internet Explorer For Mac Os X

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