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Optic Sunflower: to defeat optic sunflower, X and Zero are recommended. Try to have the double attack gauge full and use it right away. Whenever he launches the disco ball thing and you get caught, use tag assist. When he disappears, looks for a vine thing to star to appear, dash to the left of it and start slashing of shooting. Once he gets about 3/4 down to health, he'll start disappearing more, but there will be two vines that appear, but only one sunflower, simply observe his pattern because it changes each time. Panda Guy: X and Zero recommended.

At fist dash up with zero and start hacking away, if you get caught, use tag assist and switch to X. Start charging immediately then let loose, then, if you're double attack thing is full, use it, then switch to zero and hack the rest of his health away.

Download Mega Man X8 ROM for Playstation 2(PS2 ISOs) and Play Mega Man X8 Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device! A simple playthrough of Mega Man X8 featuring the Inferno level, where the boss maverick is Burn Rooster (Burn Kokekokker in Japan). The stage is full of spi. Game description: Mega Man and his allies, Zero and Axl, team up and head to the moon in a mission to defeat the enemy and save mankind. As any one of these three characters, you must successfully jump, attack, and use new weapons to gain access to new areas.

First, choose X then as your navigator choose Patelle(the annoying one).Go to the stage where the giant robot is chasing you. Then when you are chasing it Patelle will announce that a new route is uncovered. Keep going after the robot until you see a wall of oil cans. Use melt creeper, from inferno,with X.The oil cans will explode and a hologram of Dr.Light will appear and make an emotional speech then give you the neutral armor which makes you receive half the damage and gives you more strength.

Noah Valley: First, the first water fall you see, go right in front and use zero`s upward freeze thingy then second jump and there is a rare metal on the ledge. Second, I'm not sure of the exact location, but there is a rock above you that stands out like a sore thumb. Once you have head part I, use mega man and jump into the rock above. It will shatter.

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There is a rare metal there. Booster Forest: Use axl and copy the little rolling thingy and save it till a little later.once yur at the first place with the panels, drop to the bottom and have axl turn into the roller thing.he rolls into a tiny hole and tada, another rare metal. Troia Base:Beat troia base twice while staying on the hardest mode in the training things.You MUST NOT ever go down a level or you do not get the metals.You can do this twice only after you do it twice,you just get some metal(like 700 or so). Ok, this isn't really a big cheat or anything, but once you play on Optic Sunflowers level, you'll be in a training area. If you want to get out without taking too much damage or any at all, just keep failing. Most of the time you'll be timed on how fast you can past the tests and be given a grade level of low, medium, or high. The higher your level is, the harder the challenges will become.

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Off translation 3.0 for mac. Don't defeat the challengers until your clock turns yellow. Keep this up and you'll get nothing but easy bosses! Here's the location of every piece of armor and how to get them: Inferno: At the part when going down and there are lots of spikes, you probably see this capsule on your way down. Keep going down until pallete(use her as navigator) warns you about a wall zero can destroy. Don't mind that at all.

Now go half way down the spike past the the warning and a upward leading tunnel covered in spikes comes to a capsule. It is kind of hard so I recommend a you buy a prickle barrier before you go. Troia Base(CYer place) once again use pallette as navigator and shell tell you when yur in the right room.climb to where the door is and use a mid air dash or axls hover to get to a ledge.use squeeze bomb and the crystal wall thing will explode and tada there is a capsule. Noahs park: After you finish the fist level(Noahs park)go back to it and go to the part where alia tries to tell you about a locked door.

Do not climb up to the top door because now the bottom one is open. Go in and bibbity bobbity boo, another piece of armor. Snow place: After beating optic sun flower go to frozen place, play till your jet thing crashes, and before you go into the boss fight, climb the ledge right before the tunnel to the door. Use zeros double jump to get all the way to the top. It is covered in ice. Use zeros laser slam thingy and melt it and presto another piece of armor. Gravity place: Go until your at the part where there is a row of spikes leading up,(not the first the second part) and don't teleport.use the blocks and make one or two fall down the hole.

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Go down yourself and land on your blocks you should see a spiky ledge.jump in the tunnel and teleport to waht is for a million dollars, its an armor capsule! Panda place: go into the room with a big fat tree trunk in the way and make sure your in your ride robot armor. So yur thing with the elevator and the button shooting till your on the ledge that is button activated with yur robot.get in yur robot with zero and fly yur robot as far left as it can go, jump out, and use double jump to get on a spike covered ledge for outta armor puns and magic words so yeah. There's your armor piece PLace with giant robot chasing you: there is already a person who beat me to this one so justb read theirs. Pitch Black: once at the third set of moving panels(boy there a lot of moving panels in this game) climb up instead of down to a secret room on the right wall not the left and there's your armor folks. Mega Man X8 Unlockables •.

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