Mean Well Eln6048p Dimmable Driver For Mac


• Class 2 LED power supply • AC input: 90~264vac • Operates in constant voltage or constant current mode • UL1310 Class 2, Class II, pass LPS • Operating temperature: -20~+60°C • Constant current limiting level is adjustable via potentiometer • Protections: short circuit / over current / over voltage • Available with optional dimming function: 1.1~10vdc dimmer (D type) or PWM dimmer (P type) • IP64, fully isolated plastic case • The ELN series has a range of power offerings: • (30W) ELN-30 • (60W) ELN-60D (Dimmable) • 2 year warranty.

I just built a 48 LED light (24 white, 24 blue) using 4 Mean Well ELN-60-48P. Now, I've read a LOT of posts where people [I believe] make a couple incorrect assumptions. Don't adjust SVR1 (voltage). /cocoa-para-mac-os-x-cocoa-for-mac/. I have 12 LEDs on each driver. Each LED is rated 3.9v max forward voltage.

Mean Well Eln6048p Dimmable Driver For Mac

The driver pushes 48v, so that's 4v per LED. At 14 LEDs this would be fine, but for anything less SVR1 should be adjusted.

I adjusted it down to 41.2v to bring the voltage per LED down within spec. Don't adjust SVR2 if you're using Cree XP-Gs.

This one still concerns me a bit. The thought here is since the XP-G is rated at 1.5a max, the driver shouldn't be adjusted from its max of 1.3. Well, all my drivers were pushing better than 1.8 out of the box. I thought I might have had a bad meter so I tried a second one (same make though) and it read the same. In fact, SVR2 wasn't even at its max setting and could be driven higher.

Mean Well LED Driver ELN-30 Series 25W – 30W 5V – 48V in Meanwell Optional dimming function: PVM (P type) Controlled Fully isolated plastic case with IP64 level Protections: Short circuit/ Over current/ Over voltage Other features: Universal AC input/ Full range Built-in constant current limiting circuit with adjustable OCP level Isolation class II, no F.G. Class 2 power unit/ Pass LPS. Adobe unveils photoshop elements 6 for mac.

I need to buy a better meter to confirm this. Granted, I'm not an electrician, but DIY'ers might want to look at their driver settings to ensure they don't kill their LEDs prematurely. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post drywall_guy87 Reefing Equipment 3 10:39 AM tonythefish General Reef Discussion 9 10:10 AM Tim224DT Margaritaville 15 11:43 PM carman34l TCMAS 6 12:16 PM kevinO General Reef Discussion 12 04:35 PM Similar Issues Issue Issue Starter Forum Replies Last Post ScruffyRubicon General Reef Discussion 185 2013-09-26 22:20:24 JohnnyL Large Systems 21 2010-12-25 00:20:33 14biocube General Reef Discussion 6 2009-05-12 01:32:13 Sitemap.

The product detailed below complies with the specifications published by RS Components. Where applicable it provides assurance that electrostatic discharge sensitive devices have been handled and packed under conditions that meet the administrative and technical requirements of the ANSI/ESD S and BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 Electrostatic Control Standards. 660-0164 Description Mean Well ELN-60-48D, Constant Voltage 1-10 V LED Driver 62.5W 48V 1.3A Manufacturer/Brand: Mean Well Mfr.

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