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MDM-azing - setting up your own MDM server 06 Jun 2015 by Pepijn Bruienne Pardon the pun, but I’ve been meaning to use that reference ever since MDM became A Thing. It is not for a lack of Mobile Device Management solutions that I wanted to figure out the process of setting up my own MDM server of course. Quite the opposite as there are [there] (with varying levels of customer satisfaction.

Mdm Project For Mac Os X


It’s fair to say that often MDM solutions tend to nudge over to the far ends of the spectrum capped by “Overly complicated” on one end and “Checkbox feature” on the other. Barring a few free ones most are also pricey, further lowering one’s sense of getting bang for one’s buck.

Another issue can be integration with existing systems, which often leads to companies deciding to buy into complete solutions from one vendor. Not a perfect situation by any stretch of the imagination for those of us who have perfectly functional management tools just looking to enhancement their toolset with the benefits of Apple’s OS X MDM integration.

There have been previous flurries of interest and activity in the Mac Admin community around creating a true OSS MDM solution. These attempts mostly fizzled due to uncertainty about the exact process of creating an MDM service and lack of sources of information. After some asking around it was determined that Apple keeps certain key bits of information behind the iOS Enterprise Developer paywall, such as the Mobile Device Management Protocol Reference document. Even more importantly the ability to sign the required MDM CSR for such a service is also only available to organizations subscribing to the same $300/year program.

One particularly interesting project has been part of the MITRE Corporation’s, or iOS Mobile Application Security. Based on a 2011 presentation at the Black Hat conference by the Intrepidus Group named and the sample code it contained, the Project iMAS folks have quietly worked out a very useable set of that offers a reference MDM server ready to be built upon. This leaves the small matter of actually being able to use the code with Apple’s blessing. The folks at Project iMAS helpfully provide detailed for preparing the needed certificates but like its information on how to actually get Apple’s cooperation is pithy and not up to date with how Apple’s iOS Developer portal works in 2015. With that said, these are the steps I followed to successfully stand up a basic MDM server that works with APNS and Apple’s MDM support: • Enroll in Apple’s iOS Enterprise Developer program or have yourself added to an existing subscription • Contact Apple Developer support and ask for the “MDM CSR” option to be enabled in the Certificates section • The Apple representative may tell you that in order to enable the option they have to get the approval of an iOS Enterprise account Agent or Admin.

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Antlrworks mac. It’s a good idea to find out who this is (if not you) and give them a heads up about what you’re asking Apple for and that you’d like them to approve the request. • Once the account Agent or Admin has approved the request a new option will be available in the section of the Account page. As far as I have been able to determine this option is only available to an Admin user so if you are not an Admin for the account you’ll need the cooperation of someone who is in order to perform the CSR-signing step. • Using Keychain Access (or openssl) generate a basic Certificate Signing Request (CSR) as outlined in the Project iMAS. Use the email address of a developer account that is part of the same iOS Enterprise account that you had the MDM CSR option enabled on. Use a Common Name of your choice (your organization’s name for example) and select to save it to disk.

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