Mce Superbludrive, Bluray Player And Superdrive


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Blu-ray Player Free Download


Sleek and elegant, the MCE Fovea Extreme Blu-ray/DVD/CD Recordable USB Drive connects directly to your MacBook Pro with Retina Display and allows you to watch Blu-ray titles in all their stunning high definition and magnificence precisely the way they were meant to be watched. The MCE Fovea Extreme also records onto Blu-ray media so once you are finished editing your high definition masterpieces you can record them onto Blu-ray discs and watch them on standard set-top Blu-ray players or record data, images, music, or video onto Blu-ray Discs for distribution or archival purposes. The MCE Fovea Extreme is also compatible with the MacBook Air, Mac mini, or ANY other MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro. The MCE Fovea Extreme features a single USB cable attached to the drive and, for times when you need more reach, we include a 3 foot (1m) USB extender cable.

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Insert a Blu-ray Movie into the MCE Super-BluDrive, 2. Launch the included Mac Blu-ray Player software, and 3. Grab your popcorn, sit back and watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Blu-ray in all their glorious high-definition right on your Mac! MCE USB Super-BluDrive 3 with Super Speed USB 3.0 Interface (backwards compatible with USB 2.0) allowing you to watch commercial Blu-ray titles in stunning high definition right on your Mac's gorgeous display!Play Blu-ray movies AND play and record DVDs and CDs with our slim, sleek Blu-ray Player and DVD/CD Player-Recorder! Apple Super Drive Plays Blue-Ray! Maxim HD Entertainment. Install / Swap an internal 9.5 Blu-Ray burner/player drive in a 2012. Apple MacBook Air superdrive MBA Unboxing country Region.

This Internal Blu-ray Player/8X SuperDrive for iMac and Mac mini is a direct replacement for the original 8X SuperDrive that shipped with your machine. Installation is a breeze as we include an illustrated installation guide for you to successfully install the drive into your machine.

Microsoft Blu Ray Player Download

At less than a pound, it travels light and fits neatly into your laptop case your any travel bag. It is bootable, great for installing software, and plays and burns Blu-ray (BD) Discs, DVDs and CDs. BD6XSLU2 1 Piece 125.21 EUR 149.00 EUR.

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