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It has been asked a million times before and I know there is great difficulty in answering (I know i always start my questions with this:P) BUT.! It hasn't been answered from the direction that I am going to ask it, which is related to OSX capabilities. Appreciate you all taking the time to read my post and make response. So, I understand there are many flavours of RMM, and a lot of hearsay about this or that and which is better than what. The consensus seems to be (from my countless hours of frivolous and pedantic research) that there is no right answer, the needs of the individual service organization dictates the overall viability or superiority of a particular RMM tool. If not this, then it comes down to what is an acceptable level of functionality for an acceptable level of cost.

Cost being an issue that is extremely poignant in a small one man 'SO' like the one I run. I have extensively demoed and trialled, researched, and HOUNDED countless presales engineers on the capabilities of a wide variety of the magor (sorry, I am Australian, this is how we spell it:]) including: Labtech Nable Kaseya LP/AVG Managed Workplace Continuum GFI Max / Hound Dog LogicMonitor LMI Central/LMI Pro Unfortunately it seems like no matter what I am prepared to spend with any of the magor players, for god knows how long the contract, I cant get a straight answer about what their Mac agents are really capable of, if anything at all. I also don't have any macs in a test environment to guinea pig and don't want to use my customers as lab rats. As such, I want to get some feedback from some people on here that have experience with the mac capabilities of the available RMM's. I magoritively deal with windows based servers and workstations for small to medium business.

For this purpose, most of the above listed programs are perfectly fine, however I have a large customer base of home users and small business who are slowly making their way over to macs, and as such I want to future proof my monitoring and maintenance arm of my product offerings to offer strong support for OSX. Ideally we want: Remote Support (or team viewer integration as we own TeamViewer 9 Professional) Time machine monitoring (Active?

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The reddit for Mac Professionals. Please keep all content and discussions professional. Community Resources • • • • ##osx-server on • • • • Useful Tools • - Make OS images • - Third-party update retrieval • - Manage AutoPkg with a GUI • - Mac imaging • - OS.pkg installer • - User creation.pkg • - Reposado GUI • - Software Update deployment • - Manage Munki with a GUI • - Munki reporting • - Easily do stuff at login/boot • - Advanced packaging Tool • - Cache Apple software updates • - Package Analyzer. So I work at an MSP and we have taken over a client that is all macs. We already support a decent number of macs, but no other client has this number and is exclusively mac. We are having some trouble deploying our RMM agent to the MACs.

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In a Windows enviroment we use GPO to deploy and it works. Obviously, that won't work with a MAC and I really do not want to touch 600 MACs. The client has jamf Casper so that is a possibility, but I could not make it work in my brief testing. Do anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? The Agent is MaxFocus/GFI. I'll be blunt: People who shouldn't be supporting Macs always have a tell-- they call them 'MACs.'

If you have nobody on the bench who knows how to get this done, your new client has probably made a big mistake hiring your company. You guys need to hire a Mac expert with Casper experience immediately, or things are likely going to end badly.

We are having some trouble deploying our RMM agent to the MACs. In a Windows enviroment we use GPO to deploy and it works. Obviously, that won't work with a MAC and I really do not want to touch 600 MACs. The new Mac Automated Tasks in RMM also include our Managed Patch solution. This lets you patch all Apple OS and security patches, as well as patches from over 200 third-party titles. All patches are tested and vetted by our Mac Agent. Using Pulseway RMM agent on OSX is perfect. I really do like the way Pulseway lays out node information and how accessible it is however just as Matt M mentioned, I cannot use OSX to manage Pulseway. Agree, free booklet creator for mac.

Every major RMM package I've researched or dealt with directly is Windows-focused and their Mac support is always an obvious half-assed, bolted-on afterthought. Having said that, I have no knowledge of or experience with MaxFocus, but if is still accurate, I wouldn't even bother putting it on.

Msi usb bluetooth driver. IT may be the newer magic mouse 2 and the bluetooth keyboard use slightly different drivers. Bluetooth stack shows connected but dead in the water. Rebooting into OSX and the devices work fine.

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