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Mac os mojave. HI I try to block usb mass storage in mac 10.11, and I following follow instruction however when I try to delete the files I got Operation not permitted error. I try to use administor and root, but both had same error? ' Removing USB Support Software Use the following instructions to remove USB mass storage device input/output support such as USB Flash drives and external USB hard drives.

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System Mac Storage

USB Mass Storage Support 1.3.5 is a set of USB Mass Storage Class drivers written by Apple Computer to support USB Mass Storage Class devices. Connect the USB Mass Storage Device that you wish to reformat to the computer. Click the Spotlight (magnifying glass) Icon that appears in the upper right corner of your screen. Type 'disk utility' in the search box.

Usb storage for mac and pc

Amazon fba calculator. The removal of this kernel extension only affects USB mass storage devices. It does not affect other USB devices such as a USB printer, mouse, or keyboard.

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Usb Mass Storage

This task requires you to have administrator privileges. Important: Repeat these instructions every time a system update is installed. To remove kernel extensions for specific hardware: 1 Open the /System/Library/Extensions folder. 2 To remove support for USB mass storage devices, drag the following file to the Trash: IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext 3 Open Terminal and enter the following command: $ sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions The touch command changes the modified date of the /System/Library/Extensions folder. When the folder has a new modified date, the Extension cache files (located in /System/Library/) are deleted and rebuilt by Mac OS X.

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