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MarsEdit 3 is one of the best desktop blogging tools in the market to date. Although it still has much room to improve, it's definitely a must-have for bloggers using a Mac. Reply to this review.

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Does anyone still blog? Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr may have swallowed much of blogging’s oomph, but it’s still out there.

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It's probably more accurate to say that blogging morphed into different kinds of things that seemed less blog-like. Many publications use WordPress or other “blog” engines to power their sites. This explains the persistence of, a blog composing, previewing, and posting tool that was recently upgraded to version 4. Cat with two faces ohio. This version comes nearly eight years after the previous one, but it will delight existing users and should attract folks dissatisfied with web-based posting. At its core, MarsEdit is a way to easily compose entries and store local drafts as you work, while bringing in media and managing rich formatting. This all happens in a word-processing-style environment that’s native-app-fast, works offline, and is comfortable for and familiar to Mac users. IDG MarsEdit 4 has robust previews of items, using templates you can modify for an even closer match to the final post.

MarsEdit 4: New features MarsEdit 4 continues to be a familiar engine for those who have used it. You configure blogs by entering its URL, which is enough for MarsEdit in many cases to sort out what platform you’re using and what credentials it needs from you without mucking around further. Once you’ve entered a user name and password, you can proceed. (Some hosted blogs may require a app-specific password or an API key that you obtain from your account. MarsEdit doesn’t prompt you where to look, so if a login fails, check your blog account’s details.) Version 4 supports blogging engines that date back to the earliest centrally-hosted and self-hosted platform days, like Movable Type, TypePad, and Blogger, as well as “newer” ones like Tumblr and WordPress.

There's also richer support for WordPress, a dominant platform that continues to evolve. However, you can use a variety of other platforms that support standard MetaWeblog and AtomPub interfaces, which sweep in truly modern services, such as. IDG You can set up posting connections to many blogs across multiple platforms from a single interface. I discovered in testing with a few WordPress blogs that MarsEdit has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to deal with multiple layers of authentication that some publications employ, but sometimes it’s defeated. For one publication, there’s an “HTTP authentication” step (the pop-up window that gives you access to the website), then a pre-blog login page, then a WordPress login.

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I don’t blame MarsEdit for being stymied, and I’d need to talk to the system admin for a workaround. With another multi-level-entry site, MarsEdit coped just fine. You might encounter this with securely configured corporate accounts, but are unlikely to have it happen with blogs you set up and run yourself. Once connected, MarsEdit pulls in the titles of previous posts, if any, and you can edit those. It can also download the complete archive for most blogs of everything you ever posted, giving you an effective local copy and backup.

This is great in general, but also makes it possible for you to migrate posts. You can, of course, also create new posts, and save them locally as drafts while in progress. At one point, I had a set of several related wireless/mobile self-hosted MovableType-based blogs that I used MarsEdit to manage. Version 4 brought in all those settings and posts (and some nostalgia). IDG The post window shows color-coded HTML, a list of categories, blog metadata fields, and various preview and formatting options. Blog services often support formatting text in one or more methods, whether it’s plain text, HTML, Markdown, or Textile. You can use the Text Filter menu in MarsEdit to choose which type of formatting you’re using, which then allows a preview of what you’re composing or editing.

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