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Advertisements Marketing Mix of Apple analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Apple marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company. Let us start the Apple Marketing Mix: Product: Apple Inc is known for its innovation in the world.

It has always come up with new products that amazed the whole world. Some of its popular products in the marketing mix of Apple explain its product strategy as below:- 1. Mac: - Macintosh – generally branded as Mac, one of the premier products of Apple Inc and the utmost reason for the existence of the company. It was introduced by Steve job in Jan 1984. It was the first personal computer made for mass that had mouse and graphical user interface.

It has come up with newer versions which are still famous among the people of United States of America. Some of the models that are currently present in the market are: Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook 2. Iphone: - Apple Inc was the first company to introduce smart phones that had multiple touch i.e.

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It was basically a combination of a smart phone and ipod. It has many version with the latest one as iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. IPod: - A unique kind of portable digital music player. Various variations have come up in the market as iPod Nano, iPod touch, iPod shuffle and many more. Apple watch: - Watch where you can keep a track of your fitness schedules. Apple TV: - One of the biggest failures for apple is the introduction of apple TV. Software and Services Image: pixabay Price: Apple Inc products are premium products and they do not target all the sections of the society.

Being a market leader in its segment, the marketing mix pricing strategy of Apple is that of a market leader. However, competition also influences its pricing. Apple is always know for its innovation and innovation comes up with cost. So, they follow premium pricing policy in order to delight their customers. Most of its products such as Mac book, iphone, iPad are all comes under premium products category. Apple products are costly and are also considered as a status symbol. It is always argued that why these products are so costly.

Marketing Mix Cards Apk For Mac

One of the reasons for it is the technology that is being used in the products. Once you get addicted with these products, you won’t think about other brands. Place: Apple adopts an aggressive strategy in reaching out to premium customers.

There are various channels that are being used by Apple Inc to target the end consumers. Apple came up with the idea of opening its own outlets i.e. Apple stores where it could sell its products. They also brought the concept of trade partners. They collaborate with such trade partners to maintain the distribution channel.

Mindjet updates mindmanager version 9 for mac. They have firm believe that keeping lesser number of trade partners can increase the efficiency of distribution channel. These products are then sending to authorized retailers for apple products. These are premium retailers who are given targets as set by the company. Another channel of selling is through online portals. Most e-commerce portals have apple products and it is one biggest point of sale for apple. One of the differentiator factors for apple is that they have lots of staff in the apple stores because of its complexity.

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