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What is MacJournal? It’s journal keeping for the 21st century. Instead of paper and pen, it is your journal on your Mac. Unlike other journal applications, MacJournal is packed with features, setting it apart. You can create as many journals as you’d like: for work, home, family, or friends. You can upload your entries to your blog.

In MacJournal for Mac OS I've made changes to my default templates and they don't seem to 'stick'. Posted by Jim Henson in 2018-10-10. Adobe cs6 master collection serial number generator for mac. MacJournal is one of the most popular and oldest journaling apps for Mac, but the iPad version is somewhat lacking in comparison with the others in the list. MacJournal 4.1 by Mariner Software. Over the past three decades, Apple has made it easy to integrate computers into our daily routines. Whether you started on an Apple II in college or high school, or you just got your very first iMac or MacBook, you’re probably finding lots of ways to replace the paper in your life with simple applications.

Mariner Software Macjournal For Mac

Record a message or a child’s first word. It is one place where you can put everything. With MacJournal you can document any life event with all the sounds, images — even video — that comes with it. You can’t do that with a notebook. MacJournal 6. We’ve made it easy for you.

We’ve created and designed MacJournal, the world’s most popular journaling application for the Mac, so that you can start writing and express yourself the moment you launch it. Easily create a journal – for your dreams, your family or a special time of life – anything. Then, take the plunge and write your entry.

It can be your first thoughts of the day, a summary of a good book or just to unload from the week. With MacJournal, the only limitation is the one you set for yourself. Life is more than just words! There’s color, sound and imagery and you can put all of it into your journals with MacJournal.

A Media Browser is included which allows you to select a favorite song from iTunes, a photo from your Pictures library – even a YouTube video – and add it to an entry. Your journals will be as rich with sight and sound as the event itself. The other cool stuff. MacJournal is packed with so many features and enhancements that you can turn it into your own personal writing playground. Select one of the many icons included to mark your entries and journals or use one of your own. Add a mood – are you happy or just so-so?

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Sort your journals by Topic, Date, Mood, Content Size and more. If you’re the business type, you can use the Statistics menu to view Words, Characters and Lines in an entry. If you like a disciplined approach to your journal keeping, set aside time every day to write and use the Timer to monitor yourself. When you want to see just how prolific a writer you are, select the Timeline Mode to view your daily writing activity chronologically, or the Calendar Mode to see your entries by month and year. P4015tn drivers for mac. There’s also a Full Screen Mode to give you a full writing landscape for all your thoughts choosing your own color background and your own color of type. Let your writing canvas be as unique as the words that will go on it. MacJournal If you like an audienceor not.

You can keep your world private or, like so many do, share your thoughts and opinions or your entire life. Your MacJournal entries can be published to any of the popular blogging services like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr and more. But, if you want to keep your thoughts away from prying eyes – don’t worry, MacJournal is equipped with two-level security – password protection and AES-256 encryption. Extroverted or introverted. Open or private. Just pick the way that’s right for you. This is a thank you for a superb product.

Mac Journal For Mac

I am writing more than I have done for quite some time. It is journal writing and getting my thoughts down in words. I love that I can specify different types of journals and make sub journals. It is so easy and everything is in one place. This is so wonderful and everything is dated. I really appreciate the convenience and ease of using MacJournal.

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Mariner Software Macjournal For Mac

Later I may take a look at your stuff for writers. Thanks again.

Bicki Smith MacJournal user “One of the best blog editors we’ve seen.” MacWorld Magazine “MacJournal 6 is hard to beat.” “MacJournal remains our app of choice for digital diary keeping.” MacUser UK How is MacJournal not insanely well known? You guys need better PR! The best blogging/productivity tool since Evernote 4.0. @KaneFulton Really like this app a lot and always looking forward the next revision with its new features. I have been happily using MacJournal since the beginning. Sometimes I even get up to using it half of the days which is a lot for me.

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