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I was very optimistic about the most recent build of Papers 3. The company announced some change in file management (which I could not quite understand but decided that any change would be for the better).

Cole design group. In Microsoft Word.docx magic citations for Papers 2 works as it should (I have the Office 2011 version). But everything else I’ve tried, I think especially the.txt or.rtf based apps (so far I’ve tried Ulysses 3, Sublime Text 3, Text Edit, Text Wrangler) magic citations is now broken.


I have also found a way to search within the Papers3 package file (another post coming). So I finally decided to give it a full try by importing my Papers2 library and starting to write with help of Papers3.

So far I am sorry to report significant disappointment and regret. The version is still too buggy. In particular, it consistently fails to rename files in accordance with the publication’s data and it also fails to display correct titles of publications in the list. In addition I spent some 30 minutes trying to add eight authors to a book chapter (the app kept erasing all data). Aleh, thanks for this post and reinforcing my saddening opinion about Papers 3.

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Papers 3 For Mac Software

I am still with Papers 2, and I think that I will completely move on from Papers. I fail to understand what’s going on with the guys from Mekentosj. The fail with Papers 3 is not their only problem, but also their customer support.

Four years ago I contacted their support, and got a very nice reply. Two years ago they replied with a generic reply in such a way that it was obvious that they haven’t even read my email. Two months ago, after reporting a serious bug that messed up my library, I have not even received a reply. The deterioration is obvious, and this is the first time in five years that I am thinking about finding an alternative. Papers 3 just made me feel they are on the wrong path: they are trying to sell a buggy software with no new major features (except a facelift), and presenting features available Papers 2 as new features is really insulting (just check their youtube video).

I installed the demo to see how I liked it and to be honest I don’t even like the interface changes. There is so much space used by padding, that on a 13″ MacBook you get much less information on the screen at once than Papers2.

All the horror stories about stability scare me a lot too. I think a lot of development companies got a little obsessed by iOS development and ‘the cloud’ and have started ruining their programs just to follow this trend. I still find Papers2 perfect for my needs but I’d be really interested to hear about alternatives if you investigate any. I, too, am disappointed in Papers 3.

I admit this very reluctantly, because I find the iPad syncing immensely useful, and I still think the search and collections interface is done better than anywhere else. However, I simply no longer trust it to reliably perform basic functionality when I need it the most. It’s sad because I think they really have contributed to the overall betterment of citation management interfaces. But without a core of stability and reliability, everything else is moot. Panasonic kv s3065c windows 10. (And I recognize this is difficult to do- very few of the citation managers I’ve tried have felt “solid” to me). Reluctant as I am to waste time reorganizing my library, I would be very interested if any commenters here are happy with alternative solutions.

This entry was posted on 11.02.2018.