Macheist Offers Early Access To Tweetie 2 For Mac


The storied history of continues with the release of Twitter for Mac in the app store. As you may remember, MacHeist bundle customers were promised early access and a free copy of Tweetie 2.

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Then Tweetie 2 never arrived, and Twitter bought Tweetie, and now there's a free version of Twitter for Mac which is what Tweetie 2 would have been. MacHeist customers have, understandably, felt a bit cheated by MacHeist on the Tweetie 2 front, even if the circumstances were outside MH's control. In order to make up for it, that has a secret. If you click onto the help menu for Twitter for Mac, then hold down the control, option/alt, and command keys at once, a secret menu option is revealed (shown above). If you enter your 'Tweetie 2 registration information' from the MacHeist nanobundle, you will get a new 'Super Secret' menu in preferences that gives you custom settings for the app: It will be interesting to see what Apple thinks of this secret. Given the rules governing App Store purchasing, it's possible that the app will get 'pulled' from the Mac App Store until these 'secret' features are either removed or made available to everyone. Lost your MacHeist information?

The Wall Street Journal published a piece. Last night that profiled influential app developer Loren Brichter of Atebits and Tweetie fame. The 28-year-old developer is the man behind several apps. MacHeist is a website that resells Mac OS X software.The site conducts marketing through challenges (or 'heists') that allow customers to win software licenses and/or discounts, and sells software in bundles that increases in size as more customers purchase the bundle. Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories content, delivered every week; it's also a way to support us directly. Club MacStories will help you discover the best apps for your devices and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Everyone at Twitter loves the Mac version,” Brichter told Ars at WWDC this week. Although Tweetie 2.0 for Mac has been put off for a while thanks to the acquisition and the re-release of Tweetie for iPhone (now known as Twitter for iPhone), Brichter says he’ll be back to.

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UPDATE: Kudos to Zach who figured out how to enable this. (See his comment below.) To enter these, launch /Applications/Utilities/ and paste each of these lines in. 3d design software for mac.

Macheist Offers Early Access To Tweetie 2 For Mac

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Sounds almost too good. -> This morning, MacUpdate has launched a week-long sale offering 10 Mac applications ($433.82 value) for $49.99. These applications include: • GraphicConverter - image editor/converter • Fetch - FTP Client • iWOW - iTunes audio enhancement plug in • GarageSale - eBay auction software • Cocktail - Mac OS X system utility • ProfCast - Record presentations for podcasts • Amadeus Pro - Multitrack Audio editor • Little Snitch * - Prevents applications from 'phoning home'. • Intaglio * - Drawing and Illustration • TechTool Pro * - Repair utility * Three of the applications are 'locked' unless a certain number of goal sales are met.

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2500 sales for Little Snitch, 4000 sales for Intaglio and 9999 sales for TechTool Pro. Once unlocked, they will be available for everyone who purchased a bundle. I guess TTP is the most interesting to many, so I hope more than 10K people buy this bundle. Now, you didn't hear this from me, ok? Top 3 alternatives to zombie tsunami for mac. It looks like MacHeist might have taken revenge on MacUpdate and stolen the promotion while MacUpdate weren't looking. They've swiped all 10 applications and 12 months MacUpdate membership, and have thrown in an extra few apps: BrowseBack, Exces and LinkLinus.

Thought it would be cool to jam with Benny Rietveld, the bass player for Carlos Santana? Have you ever wished Steve Gadd would play drums on your track? Music slow downer for mac.

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