Lowered New Cpu Cooling Fan For Mac


Online shopping from a great selection at Electronics Store. A bad cooling fan will further damage your CPU as you keep it going in that state, so you might want to get that fixed pronto! Likewise, if your Mac is running really slow and you know it’s not a software problem because you’ve tried everything, including a system restore, then you might try this test to see if your CPU is failing.

Just as a footnote to the above, the X5680 and X5690 have a TDP figure of 130Watts I believe, ( whereas the 5670 and 5660 are 95W). That extra 35W per CPU can translate into quite a lot of extra heat under intensive tasks. Compare two text files software. I notice this with 3D rendering (Cinema 4D).

I've found (like advice above), that using MacsFanControl to set the minimum spin speed (idle speed) of the inlet and exhaust fans at 1500/1600 rpm (rather than 1200) did help keep the temps down without making the machine unduly noisy. The rear CPU always seems to run hotter by some 6 to 10'C.

My iMac killed its hard drive the second year of use and then the entire screen/graphics card and logic board had to be replaced at the three year mark. It unfortunately began to misbehave again shortly thereafter.

I use mine to run a 54' Bravia HDTV as the extended desktop and use EyeTV and noticed numerous graphics errors lines, and failures to refresh the screen during overheating bouts. I observed that the upper left hand corner of the iMac has some sort of an air pocket that traps extreme heat from the graphics card there. (The rear-viewed 'right' of the top air exhaust slot). This top left hot air pocket-trap seems to be due to negative cabinet air pressure interfering with natural heat convection on the left side; heat collects there but just can't get out! The fans are part of the problem and just don't help at all.


United pump andrews universal mobile phone data cable for mac. To verify this, I installed a small temperature probe in the back top left hand (from the front) side of the back air exhaust slot (right side viewed from rear) around 20 cm (9') from edge. The usual temperature reading there runs around 130ºF (54ºC!) and often (always during malfunction or addressing error graphics lockup-freeze) exceeds a peak-hold temperature of 140ºF (60ºC). At first I mistakenly thought forcing cooler air into the bottom might reduce this but it does not. There is an air pocket there caused by the vacuum back-pressure of the internal fans, which are all trying to suck air in through limited air inlets, and blowing out the upper right side of the slot so heat just accumulates there and it just runs away The correct and ideal simplest way to permanently fix your overheating 24' Imac (iMac6.1 iCore 2 Duo at least, and several other models) requires two fixes. First download and install. Set it up to provide (still quiet) minimum fan speeds of 2200 rpm for the HD and 2800 rpm for the CPU, leave the Optical Drive fan at 600 rpm to minimize dust accumulation (or just tweak it up if/when you will be using it much) Next obtain a 12 vDC enclosed squirrel cage fan like the San Ace B76 - you need not buy a new one nor this particular (best) model, but any enclosed suction-blower fan of this type (rather than an open blade straight exhaust) is ideal.

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