Logitech Ultra Thin Touch Mouse For Mac


2 Shares There are mice and there are trackpads. Since Apple revamped what it meant to be a trackpad, many mouse users have flocked to trackpads, with all their touch gestures and non-moving hands. You may call that growth; I call it laziness. I don’t hate touch gestures, far from it. Multi I use my iPad and never touch the home button thanks to the magnetic on-off switch from my case, switching apps with a four-finger swipe up, or closing apps with a five-finger pinch. As much as I like pressing physical buttons, I like doing things quickly and efficiently more.

Quicken home and business for mac. Touchpads just aren’t there yet. Not on OS X, and certainly not on Windows 8. With the former there are a lot of great gestures but the customization options are ridiculously limited (and limiting). For the latter, by itself the touch gestures are few and far between, but with a good hardware/software maker you can have a ton of nifty features with a lot of customization. The problem is having the capable hardware and compatible softwareall in one machine. More to the point, regular mice are far more intuitive.

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Best Wireless Mouse For Mac

We’ve all used them for decades, and they work really, really well. They’ve gone through a serious maturation process, all the way back to the 60’s. High-end mice range from 30-button monstrosities to very sharp, very powerful devices, many of which Logitech has built. As I write this review I’m using the, which has so much great hardware that it’s impossible to deny that the mouse is king. Touchpads, however, will have a place once the OS’s of tomorrow become the OS’s of today and software makers wake up. In the meantime, Logitech gives us the Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630, a travel-size mouse very similar to the except that it’s way better shaped, far simpler to use, and works on any computer, regardless of operating system.

Logitech Ultrathin T631 for Mac Bluetooth Wireless Touch Mouse. Free shipping. Details about Logitech Ultrathin T631 for Mac Bluetooth Wireless Touch Mouse. Logitech Ultra-thin Strengths. A very responsive, easy to hold and move, mouse. L: Apple Magic Mouse; R: Logitech Ultrathin TOuch Mouse. In my mind, one of the standout features of this mouse is the click action. The click feel on this mouse is the best I've ever felt on a mouse. Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 for Mac Beautifully crafted. Sophisticated by design.

In other words, the T630 is the first step into a proper touchpad mouse. The first thing you notice is how clean the whole thing is, almost to a fault. Logitech ships the T630 in a practically-sterile clear hard plastic box (see image above).

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It’s a gorgeous display, and after you look at the T630 up close, it’s a gorgeous mouse too. Supremely thin, beautifully shaped with sleek, sharp lines and an incredible razor-thin black top over an aluminum undercarriage.


Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse For Mac

It looks more at home on a racetrack than at a workstation or beside a laptop. Ridiculously clean and tidy, the Ultrathin certainly lives up to its name. It’s tiny at just over an inch thick at it’s thickest point. When Logitech says it fits in the pocket, they aren’t kidding; I took it with me to work and, rushing out of the house, threw it into my pocket before a doctor’s appointment and didn’t realize it was there the whole time. Getting in and out of the car, going face-up and face-down on a table, and changing seating positions at least a half dozen times. That’s after I took out my phone, keys, and wallet. I didn’t even remember it was there.

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