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I bought this a week ago because I spend all day on the phone on teleconferences and got tired even of the USB headset I was wearing. This is much better. The picture doesn't give you a good feel for the size of the device -- it's much bigger than you would think, about the size of a large paperback book. The construction quality is excellent. The audio quality, both speaking and listening, is nearly perfect.

Logitech Quickcall Usb Speakerphone

Drivers logitech quickcall usb speakerphone Mirror Link #1. This Wrapper is supported by Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux running the Java 2 runtime environment Maxim Alliance is an advocate of the Open Source. Free FILE Download, drivers, logitech, quickcall, usb, speakerphone. The QuickCall USB does NOT work with Windows Vista, and after talking with support, I was told that there are no plans to. Back to the store it went. Windows XP ONLY.

Stock market charting software for mac. Nobody on the other end of the calls even knows I'm on a speakerphone. The features I like best are the volume knob on the front of the unit, and the mute button on top.

It's really nice not having to futz around with Skype's UI for these. The only complaints I have are minor. First complaint is that you *must* install drivers for this thing to work (Win XP, haven't tried Win7 yet); if you plug it in without installing drivers, you get a bunch of audio devices installed by XP that are labeled 'disabled' and there's no way to enable them. Sis 671 fx dx mx drivers for mac. Annoyance: apparently Logitech does not offer the driver software for download on their web site. You have to install from the CD, which at least gives you the option of searching for a newer version. It did find a newer version, downloaded it, and installed from the new version. Second complaint is that the 'hang up' button does not seem to do anything in Skype.

Not sure whose issue this is, but it would be great to be able to use the buttons on the speakerphone for this. Skype's 'hang up' button works just fine. Overall, this is a stellar product. It looks like Logitech may have discontinued them, so get one now, while you can (and while they're cheap!). Once a week my friends get together for a game night. One of the guys recently had to move away, but we keep him included using Skype over a laptop, webcam, and this fella. The speaker/microphone works pretty well when its working, but I'm not sure I can 100% recommend it.

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We've tried this on several windows 7 machines, so I can't say how it works on other operating systems, but on windows 7 it has some pretty big problems. It's taken hours of setup on each of the machines we've tried it with, including downloading foreign country drivers for Vista and other operating systems, installing software packages, etc. It is certainly NOT plug-and-play, no question.

Best Usb Speakerphone

Even after it finally gets working with Skype, it constantly flashes warning lights, and the buttons/dials on the unit serve absolutely no purpose. There are numerous forums and topics about this product posted around the internet; this problem is not an isolated one. Overall, this works purely as a speaker/mic unit, but with absolutely no features and with a ton of setup time and headaches required. I can't recommend getting this if you want a good plug-and-play conference device that works with windows. I'm more than a little disappointed that logitech, a fairly big name company, doesn't have a ready-to-work driver for the current Microsoft operating system. I use this on several PC's running XP 32 bit, and Windows 7 64 bit.

Apple pages resume. Using the included software is worthless unless you wish to use Yahoo, AOL or Skype (using the UK software, not the included CD) and why bother when the Quickcall application software is nothing to write home about anyway. I use it with my Callcentric and Viatalk accounts and Counterpath Eyebeam software which asks what mic and speakers you want to use during setup. Just select the Quickcall for both and you're done. Anyone can use this speakerphone with any good VOIP client since it is simply a USB audio device.

It even works fairly well for voice control of my PC using Naturally Speaking software. Once you realize this is great hardware with mediocre, limiting software (common with Logitech products) it opens up all sorts of possibilities. Think I'll buy a couple for my mom and daughter. At this price I can't go wrong. For the price, this is a great little device. I tried just plugging it into Windows 7 (32-bit) as one person suggested.

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