Logitech K811 Switch Keyboard For Mac


Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 Software for your Mac Keyboard backlight Download and install the Logitech Software Keyboard sensors detect your hands, for your Mac to: turning the backlight on and off.

Product Information • Beautifully designed keyboard offers one-touch easy-switching between your Mac, iPad and iPhone and bright illuminated keys for better typing in the day or night. The illumination on these laser-etched, backlit keys automatically adjusts to fit the brightness of the room and uses proximity detection to turn on when your hands approach the keyboard. With Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth technology, you can type on your Mac and toggle over to your iPad or iPhone by simply pushing one button. Keyboard can be charged and ready when you are.

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-switch K811 Keyboard For Mac

The company has followed up with the $100 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811, a keyboard that’s similar to the K760 in many ways, yet different enough to make it even more tempting to some people. Logitech's Bluetooth Easy-Switch keyboard, or the K811 for short, is the Mac version of the K810 keyboard we've reviewed not more than a month ago. It's literally the same keyboard from the unboxing right down to the hardware and design, albeit with one or two subtle changes in appearance to fit the likes of Apple enthusiasts. Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K811 Software for your Mac Keyboard backlight Download and install the Logitech Software Keyboard sensors detect your hands, for your Mac to: turning the backlight on and off. Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 Support Register Your Product. To get the best customer care, product tips and more. Getting Started.

Convenient on/off switch and indicator light also let you know when you need to recharge. Real aluminum design features the familiar Mac layout with all the keys you expect: Command, Brightness, Mission Control keys and more. Unique Logitech keyboard keycap design ensures you'll enjoy faster, quieter typing. Back-lit Keyboard for the Mac.is it possible.well not directly with Apple it isn't however this device is perfect! I had to get this delivered from the US as it is no longer available in the UK (which is a shame). I needed a back-lit keyboard as my Magic Keyboard just wasn't doing it for me and after much research I came across this one.it is 100% the solution!

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It connects to my 21.5' iMac effortlessly and stays connected! The USB charging wire has the same functionality as Apple's version although the battery life doesn't last as long due to more power obviously being required, a full charge still lasts for over a week and you can plug in the charging cable to charge whilst still working! The keyboard itself is great! The keys are easily definable and feel nice to the touch.

A nice feature is that the back-lit functionality tur ns off when not in use after about 10 secs and then when you are ready to type it senses your fingers near to the keyboard (without you even touching it) and the keyboard lights up; clever! The only downside that I have found is that the Caps Lock key signifies it is on by a green light which isn't very clear, so at times you have to cover your hand over it to see whether or not it is enabled.

All in all, I am more than pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it (until Apple produce their own back-lit keyboard for the iMac). Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned •. K380 is a better keyboard. K811 does not offer any true advantage over its 'lesser' model Even though the product was brand new from logitech, there was some scuffs after removing the protective plastic. I have both this and the k380 which is supposed to be a lesser model, and I prefer the K380 better honestly. The k811 does not have the elevated rear which makes it easier to type on or the round buttons that the k380 has. Crystal structure refinement. The k380 has a better feel and response from the keyboard.

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The only benefit that the k811 has over the k380 is that it has back lighting, which would only be useful in the event that you are a visual typer (look down at the keyboard to find the next letter) and would use it in a darker atmosphere. The drawback of the k811 is that it has be charged more often than the k380 which can go for a year + on the 2 AAA batteries it comes with. I will be selling mine k811 and sticking with the k380 Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New •. Love this little keyboard I do not type so lighted keys is almost a necessity. And the size I like because it is easy to move around. I did have some trouble getting it going.

Dwellman said: The fix for wireless is generally pretty 'easy'-- replace the wireless adapter with one that is compatible. As far as the LAN and audio... Dell xps m1330 drivers windows 7. Me being the cheapskate, decided it would be cheaper to install osx on my pc rather than buy a used old mac just to mess around with. I have already figured the bootcamp part, pretty easy, but needed more hands on with the rest.

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