Loan Shark Yr 1952 Watching Online For Mac


You are watching now the The Loan Shark movie has Action Thriller Genres and produced in Malaysia with 96 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by C.L. Hor, A pair of siblings, Ah Mun and Ah Long, hate loan sharks because they caused the death of their father. They vowed to each other that if given an opportunity, they would like to eradicate these illegal activities. But circumstances were against them, as they were both somehow associated with these activities without making it known to each other. The siblings must choose between justice and love.

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I found this little gem in the library. It was part of a 'Hollywood's Attic' collection and had no information on the case other than the title, but I decided to check it out and have a few laughs. When I saw the credits, I decided anything with George Raft couldn't be all bad and decided to watch it through. Even though he was middle aged at the time, Raft was true to form in his portrayal of the ex-con tough guy infiltrating a loan shark operation responsible for his brother-in-law's death. Nice acting by everyone, including a young Russell Johnson.

Definitely not Oscar caliber, but worth it if you're a film noir fan. Mac jac handbags. George Raft is Joe Gargan, an ex con who is hired by a tire factory owner and a union leader to help smash a loan sharking mob that has been preying on factory workers.

Joe works his way into the loan sharkers operation in order to get the goods on the guy who killed his brother in law and find out who the mobs top boss is. Since Joe can't tell anyone what he is up to, this puts a strain on his personal life; his sister no longer wants anything to do with him and he gets dumped by his girlfriend. Of course Joe clears everything up at the end. Although LOAN SHARK has a somewhat weak script, the film is a fast paced, well acted, and efficient gangster thriller. Lg lgr40 drivers for mac.

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Dorthy Hart, who played Jane to Lex Barkers Tarzan the same year as this film, looks lovely. Overall, LOAN SHARK is recommend for fans of George Raft and post war gangster movies. Loan Shark is a nice little gangster melodrama centering in on the loan sharking racket. By the time this movie was made, George Raft's popularity was dwindling. But for George Raft fans, this movie still makes the grade. In my opinion, with the exception of 'Each dawn I Die', 'They drive by night' and 'Invisible Stripes', his best movies were done in the 1950's.

In Loan Shark, Raft is cast as Joe Gargan, a tough ex con who wants to settle down and go straight by working with his brother-in-law's tire company. But alas, the tire plant is infected by a wave of assaults and killings. The plant's general manager pleads with Raft to find the criminals responsible and perhaps put an end to the bloodshed. Watch for Russell Johnson (TV's 'the professor' on Gilligan's Island')in an early role. Loan Shark finds George Raft an ex-con come to live with his sister Helen Westcott after his release. Their neighbor and secretary to the owner of the factory where Westcott's husband is employed, Dorothy Hart puts in a good word for Raft for a job. Owner Charles Meredith has a special job in mind for Raft, investigating and finding out who's behind a group of loan sharks who have been putting many of his employees in their debt.

Raft doesn't want this kind of work, but changes his mind when his brother-in-law Bill Phipps is killed. But unfortunately this involves Raft going undercover and working for the gang until he can find out who the real boss is. He makes a lot of enemies, including Westcott and Hart until the job is done. The film was done for B picture studio Lippert films and possibly at a major studio it would have had a lot of the plot holes filled.

The writing could have used some improvement, but action goes along at a nice pace and Raft is perfectly cast in the hero part. During this time Raft was doing most of his work in B films and some of them are not bad at all.

Loan Shark Yr 1952 Watching Online For Mac

Loan Shark is one of them. While not a fan of Raft's starring qualities for major studio films, I really enjoy him in tough little black and white B films like this. Low budget, filmed quickly, they seem a good fit for his real life tough, sometimes lowlife persona and abilities. I intend this as a compliment to Raft and if you watch 'Loan Shark' you will see what I mean. In addition to Raft you have here a fine supporting cast including one of the best John Hoyt crime performances of his long distinguished career. Factories, lunch boxes and cheap hoods. Really evokes the underside of the 1950's and moves along briskly.

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