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The has been around for a while, but until late last month the from was Windows-only. The pen captures what you write, and the desktop app allows you to store and playback your writing and captured audio on your computer. I had a chance to test drive the Pulse and the beta version of the Mac app, and now we're giving that demo unit to one lucky TUAW reader. Details on the giveaway at the end of the review. I was informed that some of the folks who had a hand in creating the Mac app for Livescribe were honest-to-Jobs former Apple employees and the app is written in Cocoa -- a refreshing change of pace in a world beset by hasty Mac ports. Livescribe Desktop on the Mac certainly looks and behaves as a Mac app should, but unfortunately the Mac version doesn't yet have all the features of the Windows version. Now there's a familiar refrain.

Product Features. Comes with Echo Desktop software for Mac or Windows (download), Starter. MyScript for Livescribe is an application that converts your handwritten notes to digital text: send your handwritten notes directly from Livescribe Desktop to MyScript for Livescribe for.

Livescribe Desktop For Mac

Livescribe Desktop For Mac

On the Mac, you can print your pages but to save as a PDF you drop into the Print dialog. That's pretty normal. You can export audio recordings as AAC files. What you can't do is marry the animation of your drawings (that is, the replay of your writing) with the audio for export.

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On the Windows version you can export a Flash file that shows you drawing and plays audio as it was recorded. Of course, the app is still in beta, and the feature is coming, but this is a limitation for some. There are other features 'coming soon' I'll describe in the main review. Check out the gallery for lots of screenshots and close-ups of the pen. If you're the impatient sort, I can say that I really like the pen and the software. /download-bejeweled-3-for-mac/.

There's a 'gee whiz' factor when you see your notes 'playing' on the screen, with audio, and the pages turn as it progresses. If you need digital copies of everything you write, or want to capture a lecture with written notes, there's simply nothing this compact and efficient. Read on for the full details. Hardware The pen is remarkably light, although really tiny hands may find it slightly uncomfortable with prolonged use. You'll also have to keep your fingers from covering the sensor/scanner window near the tip, but the design itself ensures that gripping the pen that low isn't comfortable. What impressed me was the balance of the pen. It is clearly intended for real use.

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The tiny LED display is bright and readable, and there's a built-in mic and speaker, both of which are adequate for general use. The pickup on the mic is quite sensitive and amazing, and I had little trouble recording audio while writing with minimal interference from my scribbling.

A new plex client for mac. Hence my plan is to buy a MacMini Server to use as the actual Plex server, as well as a client for direct playback onto my TV (so a HTPC as such).

There's also a set of headphones with a mic, which I'll cover in a moment. The dock is nifty, featuring a magnetic grip on the pen to ensure the four contacts are connected and allows sync with the Mac. Like a Magsafe power connection, the pen doesn't snap mechanically into the dock -- magnets do the work. There's also Pulse's version of a main menu (essentially a 4-way arrow system that you tap and it brings up a menu on the LED screen with audible cues) on the dock (see the gallery for more info). While I would like to have a more standard USB connection from pen to computer, the dock is pretty small and works perfectly. The pen comes in 1GB and 2GB versions, and the tech specs claim around 100-200 hours of recording time depending on your model.

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