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The Ultimate List of 50 Free Mac Games Muj Parkes on May 18th 2010. Free, freeware. 50+ Free Mac Apps for 2012, as well as our 2012 roundup of 30+ Great Free Games for Your Mac and our 2013 roundup of the best Indie Games for the Mac! First Person Shooters. List of Free Online Games for Mac Online games have become tremendously addictive and today, are enjoyed by one and all. Presented below is a list of some of the most popular free online games for mac. Recently, more A-list games have become available for play via Mac, pleasing hoards of Apple-loyal gamers.

This post includes a PopCap Mystery P.I. Rhino 5 mac wont download utorrent. With all of the hidden object detective games in the series. Listed in order of release PC and Mac. Including Amazon US/UK bundles for PC. See my list of posts below, for more top detective game bundles and more PopCap games. Don’t miss out on their other top HO series – Amazing Adventures, list included below. Games List Order for PC & Mac Developer: SpinTop Games.

Publisher: PopCap Games. Genres: Detective, Mystery, Hidden Object, Puzzle. The Lottery Ticket PC release: 2007.

Plot: You’re a world-famous P.I., and you’ve been hired by Grandma Rose to find her $488 million dollar winning lottery ticket! Retrace Grandma’s steps through the city on your search for more than 2,100 cleverly hidden objects. Then solve Make-A-Match memory puzzles to collect clues. Search 20 city locales, find secret keys to unlock a bonus location. And piece clues together to crack the case. Go for Perfect Investigations and Speed Bonuses to become a Master P.I. But, hurry, you only have 12 hours to find the ticket!

[Source: Amazon] Mystery P.I. Transparent language hindi essentials for mac. Games List 1.

List Of Free Online Games For Mac

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The Lottery Ticket Game play includes: Investigate 20 locations. Find over 2,100 hidden objects. Solve 20 Make-A-Match puzzles. Play two addictive game modes: Find the Ticket and Unlimited Seek and Find.

The Lottery Ticket is available on PC from. The Vegas Heist Mystery P.I. Games List 2. The Vegas Heist PC release: 2008.

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Plot: The heist of the century has just happened! You’ve been hired by the casino to find & return the stolen money before its grand opening in 16 hours.

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Search for over 2300 cleverly hidden objects in 25 intriguing locations to solve the Vegas Heist. [Source: Amazon] Game play includes: Find over 2300 cleverly hidden objects. Investigate 25 intriguing Vegas locations to locate the stolen money Two fun game modes: ‘Solve the Vegas Heist’ and ‘Unlimited Seek & Find’. Play 5 unique mini-games: Word Search, Tile Rotation, Tile Swap, Jigsaw & a unique crime solving puzzle.

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The Vegas Heist is available on PC from. The New York Fortune Mystery P.I. Games List 3. The New York Fortune PC release: 2009.

/american-truck-simulator-torrent-download-for-mac/. Q2 Can I download American Truck Simulator for free? American Truck Simulator game is paid and doesn't have a free demo version.

Plot: Search New York City for the missing fortune! Help the family of an eccentric billionaire find his hidden will and recover his vast fortune! But here’s the catch: you only have 17 hours to do it! Search Times Square, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and more for over 2,100 hidden objects to crack the case. Find it in time and you’ll earn a $25 million payday! [Source: Amazon] Game play includes: Explore 25 amazing New York locations.

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